Friday, April 13, 2012

The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers on Facebook

Go to “The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers” on Facebook for freebies and TpT products. You will also see which TpT seller-authors are having sales, contests, promotions, and linky parties.

 Be sure to go to the right hand column and click on “Recent Posts by Others”...

  • FREE Scientific Method Display Posters
  • Add & Read Sight Word Sentences for Spring - $3.00
  • Early Elementary Science - Human Body Unit with Literacy Math - $6.00
  • Bling Your Door {a Giveaway for Facebook Fans} - WINNER WILL BE DRAWN BY APRIL 16, 2012
  • FREE Science Internet Resources - April 2012
  • FREE Writing For Readers Writing Workshop Paper - Using Checklists!
  • FREE Writing Prompts with Pictures
  • FREE Duke Ellington Biography, Assessment, Vocabulary, and Vocabulary Quiz
  • Young and Lively Kindergarten 
  • Enzymes, Catalysts, Chemical Reactions of Cells Quiz/Test - $1.50
  • FREE Number Strings
  • Owl Clip Art (for Personal and Commercial Use) - $3.00
  • CST Math Standardized Test Practice #2 by Mary Rosenberg - $3.50
  • Persuasive Writing Bundle - $7.00
  • Recycling Picture Sort - Earth Day - $2.50
  • FREE Edible Earth Rounds Activity
  • Wants, Needs, Goods, Services, Producers, and Consumers - $2.75
  • FREE Cooperative Learning Groups Roles in Problem Solving
  • Let’s Build a Cladogram!  (Classification, Taxonomy, Cladistics) - $3.00
  • Mother’s Day Gift Student Craft & Card - $4.00
  • Earth Day Literacy and Science Packet - ON SALE FOR $3.50, was $4.50
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The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers

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