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Monday, March 14, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS - "15 Games Teaching Syllable [Vowel] Types" Amanda Trump

by Reading on Strawberry Lane (Amanda Trump)

Grades K-4

This is a packet of games that students can play and have fun learning about the 6 syllable types. It includes 65 pages of syllable type word cards and a variety of 15 games. Students will become better readers as they learn to differentiate the 6 syllable types. They will see words in a whole new way. Their decoding skills will become sharper as they begin to break the mystery to the reading code. These following learn and play games can be placed in language stations or be played during small groups:
• Tic-Tac-Toe
• Concentration
• Find & Search
• Reach for the Stars
• Follow the Rainbow
• Syllable Sorting Work Mats
• Syllable Sorting Graphic Organizers
• Climb the Ladder
• Bingo
• Blockbuster
• Battleship I
• Battleship II
• Football Frenzy
• Build a Tower
• Be a Superhero Syllable Star

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