Friday, August 22, 2014

Looking for an Inquiry-Based culminating task?

Grant Proposal

Students are always working at a different pace from each other and as an educator, you want to make sure that you are providing an opportunity for those who move at a faster rate to explore and learn as they can.  This is especially true if you want to provide your kids with a project that can be as in-depth and complicated as they can handle and yet, is geared to their interests.  If you are teaching high school science and you want a culminating task that is flexible enough for any grade level or course and is instilled with flare, excitement and charisma, take a look at my Grant Proposal. ****** TpT Feedback - "What a creative idea! I love the rubric too!" "I look forward to adapting this for my middle school classes. The rubric is very thorough!" "A very useful resource especially using the guidance from the rubric." "Very informative; I especially like the rubric." ****** Originally it was designed for a grade 10 science classroom but it can be easily altered to fit any subject and/or course. One member commented that she will be using it in her History Class. It's also great for cross-curricular work as it can easily be connected to a business course through it's marketing and presentation aspects. It comes with a full project outline including a checklist of important items, a detailed rubric and exemplars upon request. A free sample as well as the complete version of this assignment can be downloaded HERE: Grant Proposal ImageIf you want to spice things up, take a look at my Grant Proposal. It allows the students to be innovative, creative, artistic, scientific and passionate. It teaches and instills the scientific method and makes it FUN, REALISTIC, AND APPLICABLE. It brings in abilities from across the board and the students REALLY get into it! What you end up with his a group of students who have thoroughly researched their topic and created a proposal which they "pitch" to the board members who they hope will give them the funding they need. Similar to a Dragons Den/Shark Tank idea but with a science twist.  A free sample as well as the complete version of this assignment can be downloaded HERE:

Language Arts Lesson - "Let's Make Compound Words!"

Created by: Elementary Creations
1st grade and 2nd gade

Introducing compound words to your class?  This will be a great packet to start your lesson.  This packet includes anchor chart words, two games for centers, and handouts that can be used for morning or homework.  Take a peek and download the preview.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Letter Discrimination Center Freebie! Great for tricky b, d, p, & q””

by Karen Pritchett
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 

Free supplemental pages to help with frequently reversed letters with a little math vocabulary and graphing tucked in as well. Easy to prepare - just print and go. No cutting, laminating, or color ink!

This free set includes 2 supplemental pages plus a graphing page. It can be used alone or with my big letter discrimination set in my shop. You can use these as a center or as a coloring worksheet for commonly reversed letters. I like to put mine in a page protector to use with bingo chips to save on copies.

I tucked in a little math vocabulary & counting into this literacy product. Each page has a place to write which letter they find the most and the least. I also included an optional graphing page for your students to color based on how many letters they find on each page. 

I encourage my students to methodically search for one letter at a time by going left to right, just like reading a book.

If you like these sample pages, please check out the big set in my store. It contains over 20 themed sheets for each month of the school year (Aug-June) and sheets for each season along with some cut & paste sorting pages. Just print the pages, and you have a center that lasts all year! Click here to see it!

Thank you so much for your support!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Life Would Be Easier If

A Little Inspiration for the New School Year
posted by Shametria Routt, The Routty Math Teacher at

My school counselor shared this with our staff last year as we received our class lists. With a new school year upon us, I thought I would pass along some food for thought. Enjoy!

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Back to School Sale - August 20th

Elementary Creations
Grades: pre-k-first grade

Come visit my store for back to school items plus more!! Need rhyming ideas, emergent readers, word families, how to go home decorations, math calendar and more!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Substitute Teacher Folder Papers”

by Natasha L’s Corner
K - 6th Grade

A few printable forms suitable for the elementary teacher to put in a substitute folder, including:

Blank schedule
Substitute teacher's report
List of classroom procedures

As a veteran substitute teacher, I've tried to cover the most frequent and common questions I encounter in classes.

Calling All Superkids!

Great First Day/ Week Activity
by Shametria Routt, the Routty Math Teacher at

I spent part of this past week attending new teacher training. While I am not new to my school district, I have a new position mentoring first and second year teachers. The motivational speaker who spoke was wonderful! His message really hit home-- we have to know our students. At the presentation, seven students participated as a student panel responding to questions about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences from the presenter and the audience. One of the questions was, "How many of you feel like your teachers know what you are passionate about?" Surprisingly, none of the students raised their hands. Wow!

With this in mind, I wanted to share a First Week activity with you. Last year I looped with my class and wanted a really unique theme for the year. Since my students had made such huge gains during the previous year, I decided to call them SuperKids to encourage them to take their attitude, behavior, and achievement to the next level. In an effort to kick off the school year with the theme, I asked them to create their own SuperKid character.

I adapted this idea from another one I sometimes use at the start of the school year. I start by reading The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown. The book contains a bunch of poems about different things in our world. It's pretty simple and written for a younger audience, but I just use it as a model. We then discuss the format the author uses to create each poem.

It generally goes, "The important thing about ___________ is that it is__________." Then it gives more details about the object. It concludes with, "But, the important thing about ___________ is that it is__________ (repeated from the first line)." I ask the students to create a poem in this format about themself. For the Superkid edition, I asked them to say, "The important thing about (first name) is that (she or he) is a/an super ___________." They then give some details about their super persona. They end with, "But, the important thing about (first name) is that (she or he) is a/an super ___________(repeated from the first line)."

Now for the fun part, I ask the students to create a model of themself using construction paper. This is always an interesting task because some of the students really struggle to make their person proportional. Sometimes, the torso is big and both the arms and legs are small. It's quite comical at times! For the Superkid edition, I asked the students to create a Superkid. Basically, this meant that their person should look a little more superhero-like than human-like. As an example, I made one for myself too. I called her SuperTeacher.

This turned out to be such an awesome activity! It really gave me a glimpse of what my students were most passionate about! I learned a lot about my students from this activity and I'd already been acquainted with these kids for a entire school year.

To finish, I post all of the student posters in the hallway with a sign that says "Meet the Superkids." It's a great display for the start of the year and for Open House.

Back to School Sale-August 20th

Art Action -Laurie Carpenter

Visual Arts(with Language Arts in many)

Grades 1-6 

Varied lessons with adaptations and optional patterns



Monday, August 18, 2014

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - "Beginning Consonant Bingo!"

By Schoolhouse Treasures
Pre-K - 1st Grade

A great way to review beginning consonant sounds with your students using a popular game of Bingo!
CLICK HERE for your free copy!

Your students will have fun learning their beginning consonant sounds with this BINGO game!  Blank bingo cards are provided.  Students will write 8 consonants on their cards in the squares they choose. 
There are 27 cards with pictures of objects included.  As a consonant card is chosen, the students will mark their board (markers not included).  The first person to fill their board says, "Bingo!" and wins!
This game is ready to print and play!
Enjoy this FREEBIE!  For more freebies and fun products for Pre-K to 5, visit my TPT store: Schoolhouse Treasures!  Click Here to go there now!
Till next time...

Click the picture above to go to my blog!

Language Arts Lesson - "A is for Apple" Emergent reader

By: Elementary Creations
Pre-k, Kindergarten

This is a great resource when teaching the alphabets.  Kids will enjoy working with this book and will love to share it with their friends and families.  Colored and BW version provided.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "Ancient Egypt Webquest and Journal (2 Lesson Plans)"

Ancient Egypt Webquest and Journal (2 Lesson Plans)Click HERE to purchase!

Grades 4-9

Total Pages 9
Answer Key Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration 1 hour

This is a bundle of two great lesson plans on Ancient Egypt. The first lesson plan is a great webquest on Ancient Egypt from the following website:

The same website is used for the second lesson plan. Students will take notes on Ancient Egypt while pretending to be a Mesopotamian merchant. Students will write a five paragraph essay about Ancient Egypt. This is a great bundle, please check out my other lesson plans and read what other teachers have said about them.

Lesson 1

This webquest on Ancient Egypt has 30 questions. An answer sheet is included for the teacher. Students will answer questions from the following great website.

Depending on the grade level, this activity will take one to two class periods. This great activity can be used to introduce or further enhance your students' knowledge of people and history of Ancient Egypt.

Lesson 2

This activity is designed to allow students to write a five paragraph essay about Ancient Egypt in a fun and creative way. Students will use the following website to gather information about Ancient Egypt.

This website is very student friendly. The student handout will guide students through the five paragraph essay format. Each paragraph will focus on a different topic such as:

Nile River
Pyramids and Buildings 
Government and Writing
Daily Life

The assignment uses creative writing by allowing the students to take the role of a Mesopotamian merchant writing a report for King Hammurabi. A grading rubric is included for the teacher.

Thanks for your interest, 
The History Wizard

Back to School Sale - August 20, 2014


 TpT is having a SALE!!    

Visit my store for math resources for 3rd grade and above and save 28% when you enter the Promo Code: BOOST.

Check out these resources and get them at great prices!

3rd Grade Math - Multiplication/Division, Fractions, Area, 2-D Shapes  

4th Grade Math - Multiplication/Division, Fractions,    2-D Shapes, Symmetry

5th Grade Math - Fractions, Whole Numbers and Decimals, Volume

The three resources above are on the critical areas for math as described in the Common Core State Standards.

The three resources below are board games on the common core domains. Each bundle has five board games, one game for each common core domain. This is a GREAT time to purchase the five games for a GREAT price!

Math Board Games Bundle - 6th Grade - (6.RP) (6.NS) (6.EE) (6.G) (6.SP)

Math Board Games Bundle 7th Grade - (7.RP, 7.NS, 7.EE, 7.G, 7.SP)

Math Board Games Bundle - 8th Grade (8.NS, 8.EE, 8.F, 8.G, 8.SP)

Happy Shopping!!


Language Arts Lesson - "Drawing Conclusions Game!"

by Schoolhouse Treasures
2nd-4th Grade

A fun game to provide students with practice drawing conclusions.
{Click Here}
It's hard to find good materials for drawing conclusions and that's why I created this activity for my class. They have enjoyed using this game and I'm sure your class will too! This is my #1 best selling product on Teachers Pay Teachers!
With little preparation, your class can be playing this game and getting practice with this skill: just print, cut and play!

The packet contains the following:

1. Cover page
2. Directions and suggestions on how to use this game with whole group, partners and small groups.
3. 16 cards with text for drawing conclusions and answers.
4.One page with Ladybug Conclusions! to put on the back side of the cards - optional.
5. Thank you and credits
Answers are on the cards themselves and not as a separate sheet.

This activity is one of the best ways that I've found to practice this skill in a fun way.  How do you teach drawing conclusions?  I'd love to hear how in the comments below.



Drawing Halfway Crazy Creatures With Optional Patterns

by ART ACTION - Laurie Carpenter

Grades 1-4

Art Room, Classroom, Language Arts, Home School, JUST FOR FUN!

What fun to be creative and draw imaginative, original, silly animals or

creatures! And then, when you add a mystery to the project, it gets even

better! Check this one out...


Download includes: PDF lesson plan, patterns, photos


To provide the elementary student with a fun visual arts drawing lesson that

can be done as quiet seat work, partially with patterns as "easy-art" in the

primary classroom, or done with total creativity in the art room.

Project also brings about group interaction, as one child creates half of the

drawing, then trades, and some one else does the other half - thus, the title of

"Halfway crazy Creature"!


*It is also fun to have the children write a description or story about the

final crazy creature, when they see it opened up with both halves showing.

Total Pages 12


Hope you enjoy it...check out my store and follow me @ 

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Teaching Tips From an Award-Winning National Board Certified Teacher
Word Problem of the Day - 200 Word Problems & Charts

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Language Arts Lesson - "Building Word Families"

By: Elementary Creations
Kindergarten, 1st grade

This is great activity for the students to build word families. This is a three puzzle piece game that you can put in literacy centers for the students to play with. 
It includes:
beginning sounds
ending sounds
a mat for the students to build their word and write the word.
a record sheet 
and a review sheet for the students to practice.

FREE MATH LESSON - “Catch a Bug Skip Count By Tens to One Thousand”

by Donna Thompson
2nd Grade

Common Core 2.NBT.2 Skip count by tens to 1000

One Hundred Flash Cards

Punch a hole in the cards and place on 2” ring binder clip will keep cards in order and easy to flip.