Monday, January 26, 2015


By: Greg Jusinski
4th-5th Grade

I am excited to bring this PARCC bundle pack to you.  There is such a shortage of quality PARCC resources, therefore, I created a product that will allow you to expose your students to the rigor and language of the PARCC. The problems in this bundle pack are presented as problem of the day and are great for discussions. They can be used as assessments, homework, or just about anything! You get all of the math CCSS included in this pack. I have used these in my classroom for the past few months and my students have greatly enhanced their math skills, changed their thinking, and are now justifying and modeling their work...a teacher's dream if you ask me! 

The best part is that this pack also informs the teacher about certain aspects of the PARCC, such as the different question types, the language they use, and the fluency timed section. If you click the picture below it will take you to the PARCC Math Bundle at my TPT store. I also have a freebie if you'd like to try it out! 

                                                                 Click here to grab this now!

Math - "324 Page Graphs The Complete Interactive Collection Common Core"

Laurane Rae of TeachToTell
3rd - 7th Grade

My first product for TeachersPayTeachers a year ago was on Bar Graphs, since then this fascination for graphs has grown to a mega graph collection. So if you are looking for any kind of graph - from pictographs, bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, to line plots - you'll find them all in one convenient download in this 324 page pack at my store.
Better still, you might just be one of those lucky ones to win this collection right here:

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

English Language Arts Lesson - "Activities for Building a Better Vocabulary"

by Dianne Mason
Middle to High School

These fun activities will build higher-level vocabulary in your students. While designed for use in high school and college English classes, they can easily be adapted for middle school classrooms and for use in other disciplines.

The activities build on the student’s prior knowledge, actively involve the student, and use repetition to reinforce learning. Most of the activities can be completed in about 15 minutes. 

Included in this product are a list of 375 SAT and GRE words, a brief history of the English language, and active links to helpful websites with other vocabulary activities. 

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Language Arts - "15 Games Teaching Syllable Types"

by Amanda Trump
Grades K-3

This is a packet of games that students can play and have fun learning about the 6 syllable types. It includes 65 pages of syllable type word cards and a variety of 15 games. Students will become better readers as they learn to differentiate the 6 syllable types. They will see words in a whole new way. Their decoding skills will become sharper as they begin to break the mystery to the reading code. These following learn and play games can be placed in language stations or be played during small groups:

• Tic-Tac-Toe
• Concentration
• Find & Search
• Reach for the Stars
• Follow the Rainbow
• Syllable Sorting Work Mats
• Syllable Sorting Graphic Organizers
• Climb the Ladder
• Bingo
• Blockbuster
• Battleship I
• Battleship II
• Football Frenzy
• Build a Tower
• Be a Superhero Syllable Star



Valentine's Day Freebie

Are you looking for a great Valentine's Freebie to use in the classroom?  Just download and print these adorable Valentine's Day cards for your students.  I created these Valentine's Day cards so that every child would be included in a card exchange and it wouldn't cost families any additional expense.

Be sure and stop by my store for additional classroom activities!

Language Arts Lesson- "ORANGE-GREEN-BLUE Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Word BUNDLE"

By Teacher Features
Grades K-3

If you teach LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention, this Bundle is for you. I wasn't happy with the cards included in the F & P kit, so I made my own. 
Turns out that a lot of people found they made life easier!


- The Orange word set coordinates with the Fountas & Pinnell Orange Leveled Literacy Intervention Kit (LLI), but can easily be used alone. Contains 58 High frequency words on individual cards. Perfect for small group work or your word wall. Each card includes a small number in the corner to help you match it up to the proper lesson.

- The Green word set coordinates with the Fountas & Pinnell Green Leveled Literacy Intervention Kit (LLI), but can easily be used alone. Contains 291 High frequency words on individual cards. Perfect for small group work or your word wall. Each card includes a small number in the corner to help you match it up to the proper lesson.

- Fountas & Pinnell BLUE Leveled Literacy Intervention Kit (LLI), but can easily be used alone. Contains 551 High Frequency Words on individual cards. Perfect for small group work or your word wall. Each card includes a small number in the corner to help you match it up to the proper lesson. Also included: 12 blank cards with blue borders. (Just laminate and write with dry erase marker.)

English Language Arts: An Epic ELA Secondary Giveaway!

It's the last week of January and I can't think of a better way to chase away winter blues and blahs than with an Epic ELA Giveaway!

I'm super-excited to join up with Mary Beth from Brain Waves Instruction and Jackie from Room 213 for their amazing giveaway featuring top-notch resources from 17 Secondary ELA TpT sellers!

One lucky ELA Teacher will receive a collection of non-text-specific resources including lessons and activities for reading, writing, research, poetry, speech-writing, media literary, and more!

Check out the Winner's Prize Package here:
Brain Waves Instruction:  Substitute Teacher Toolkit  
The Classroom Sparrow: A Speech Writing Mini-Book
The Daring English Teacher: Editable English Tests
Presto Plans: Grammar Resource Bundle
The Language Arts Classroom: Write a Tabloid for a Mobile Device
The OCBeach Teacher: Reading Strategies for any Text
The ELA Buffet: Poetry Close Reading
Secondary Sara: Movie v Text Bundle

The best part of this epic giveaway?!? You get up to 50 chances to win! Just follow each seller on TpT, Facebook, and her blog. Every click gives you a chance to win the amazing bundle of prizes!
The winner (AKA "Luckiest ELA Teacher on Earth!") will be announced on Sunday, February 7th at 5pm EST. Follow a few fabulous Secondary Teacher-Authors here . . . and best of luck!

MATH - Place Value Go Fish Bundle


Who doesn't love a great game of Go Fish?  I know I play it all the time with my daughter and used to play it when I was in the classroom.  Introducing...Place Value Go Fish!  I have bundled all my Place Value Go Fish Games into one ultimate bundle.  Click on the picture to grab it!
This fantastic bundle includes:


and finally...

There are color games and black and white games.  Each set comes with 4 games in color and 2 games in black and white for a total of 18 games of Go Fish.  Now that's a lot of fish!  Want to take a peek at the fish?  Why not!

Click on any of the covers to grab the individual set if you're just not a bundle type of person.

Go Fish!


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English Language Arts - LOVE NOTES 6 Activities to show, “I love you,” or “I love you not”

by: Constance Casserly
Grades 6-12

LOVE NOTES - 6 Activities to show, “I love you,” or “I love you not," In this 5-page packet, LOVE NOTES - 6 Activities to show, “I love you,” or “I love you not," Middle and High School students have the opportunity to explore and reveal their feelings about this holiday as well as those of characters from their  required and independent reading.

In the activity, A Character Love Song, students choose any character from a story that they are currently studying or that they have read in class this school year and create lyrics for a Valentine’s Day love song from the point of view of this person that he/she writes to another character in the story.  

For the next activity, Is Valentine’s Day a Save or a Delete?, students are to pretend that voters will choose whether this day should be kept on the state calendar or deleted. They must write a persuasive opinion piece for the school and/or the local newspaper where they present and support their opinion on the topic.

The final activity, A Quartet of Valentine’s Day Warm-Ups, presents four Valentine’s Day-related Warm-Up topics. One concerns story characters and a box of assorted chocolates, the second one has students creating a perfect romantic partner relationship, the third topic asks students to choose two characters from the same story where each one shares opposite feelings about Valentine’s Day, and in the fourth Warm-Up, students use their Perfect Pair from Topic # 2 for a social media writing.

A Quartet of Valentine’s Day Warm-UpsTeachers, choose only one activity, or all six- A Character Love Song, Is Valentine’s Day a Save or a Delete? and each of the four ideas in A Quartet of Valentine’s Day Warm-Ups – whatever fits your agendas and needs to keep students hooked on their academic objectives as Valentine’s Day approaches. 

A detailed page of Teacher Notes is included.

For two more Valentine's Day packets, check out
Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match

Valentine's Day Comprehension Activity: You Sent What??? Cards

Happy Teaching,

Teach it Write
Build Powerful Academic Homes 

SCIENCE / SOCIAL STUDIES - "All About Groundhogs & Groundhog Day"

By Maureen Prezioso

All About Groundhogs & Groundhog Day 

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and fun way to introduce your Kindergarten students to groundhogs and Groundhog Day?  This mini unit includes 2 full size books in color to read to your class, 2 matching half page black & white books for students (to color, read, and take home), printable activities, and a groundhog craftivity with 3 writing prompts (choose the one that fits your class or differentiate and use all three).

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Language Arts - "10 r-Controlled Games & Activities"

by Amanda Trump
Grades 1-3

This unit is a package of 10 activities and games that are designed to make it easy for students to learn to read r-controlled syllable type words. There are 6 syllable types, and r-controlled is one of the six types. These syllables are called –r-controlled because the –r is in control and the vowel is out of control when sounding out the word. Instead, of the vowels making their normal sounds, the –r decides for them what sound the vowel is going to make. Reading and spelling r-controlled words require visual memory and experience. These games will teach students a few consistent tips to remember when reading these kinds of words. There are five -r-controlled vowels--ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur. These five vowel spellings make 4 different sounds. The packet includes 75 -r-controlled words cards and the following 10 games: 

1. Climb a Tree 
2. Grow a Centipede
3. Football Frenzy
4. Dominoes
5. Uno 
6. Clear the Board 
7. Snail Shell
8. Wild Animal Race
9. Checkers 
10. Circle Out

Misc. Teacher Resources - "100 Quotes for the English Classroom"

by Dianne Mason
High School English Classroom

Inspire your students with these quotes about literature, poetry, and writing. Each 8 ½ by 11 print is contained within a colorful border and is perfect for hanging on a bulletin board or a classroom door.

Click on the following link to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers page to see a preview of this resource.

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Language Arts - "February Color by Sight Word"

By: Sam Van Gorp
K-2nd Grade

February Is….
Groundhog Day!
Dental Health Month!
Valentine’s Day!
President’s Day!
Black History Month!
Friendship Month!
100th Day of School!
Lincoln’s Birthday!
Washington’s Birthday!

Use these interactive Color by Sight Word sheets as a learning companion with your February topics! Use for morning work, word work, extra practice, or early finishers! 

There are 22 different Color by Sight Word pages included. Some pages are easier than others, so you are able to differentiate according to your students' needs! They are NO PREP! Simply print and use with students!

Groundhog Day Sheet #1: a, can, for, and, see
Groundhog Day Sheet #2: you, we my
Groundhog Day Sheet #3: away, down, funny, into, here
Groundhog Day Sheet #4: could, give, again

Dental Health Sheet #1: is, one, run, up, all get
Dental Health Sheet #2: am, was, do, but, on, so, too
Dental Health Sheet #3: it, are, eat, he, no, ran, out
Dental Health Sheet #4: every, open, going, some, know, then, live

Valentine's Day Sheet #1: two, at, our, new, like, say
Valentine's Day Sheet #2: ate, now, saw, well, her, put
Valentine's Day Sheet #3: she, who, yes, an, by, had
Valentine's Day Sheet #4: jump, look, make, play, three, where, came

Abraham Lincoln: big, go, in, me
George Washington: to, the, as, him
President's Day Sheet #1: said, help, little, find, came, four, good, have
President's Day Sheet #2: please, under, were, there, just, from

Harriet Tubman: must, pretty, ride, soon, that, want, after
Martin Luther King, Jr. & Rosa Parks: any, they, will, what, fly, has, of

Friendship Month Sheet #1: this, went, with, his, let, may, over
Friendship Month Sheet #2: how, stop, when, ask, take, them, thank

100th Day Sheet #1 & 2: No words included, just coloring:)


Have fun with these!

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