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Math Lesson - "Math Dominoes Game - Solve Quadratic Equations"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grades 8 - 11
                                                                Click here to preview.



Here is a fun way for your students to practice solving quadratic equations. Students must solve the equations on their dominoes so that they will know where to place the domino to match an equation with the same solution. These 21 dominoes are constructed similar to 21 dominoes in a set of regular dominoes. See the PREVIEW  of this game for instructions and sample domino cards. Be sure to check the difficulty level of these equations.

You are not giving up instruction time by letting the students play this game. They will be learning and having fun!



Resources, Thought-Provokers and 
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Have you used LiveBinders yet? They're a great way to organize resources, and I've been using them as a way to present assignments. Here are a couple of my favorites: 

Greek and Latin Roots: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=626394

Applying to the Peace Corps: A Multi-Genre Research Project
This one is private, so you'll have to use the key TTyra to gain access. If you have any trouble opening it or any questions, contact me at TyraTeaching@gmail.com.

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Seeing Spots - Classroom Jobs”

by Talented in Third
1st - 4th Grade

Seeing Spots

This bulletin board d├ęcor set includes everything you need to array your board in polka dots for your classroom jobs. It includes:

*Classroom Job Labels (7 different colored jobs, editable). 


All of these pages are available in an easy to edit format. 

The font you see in the pictures is called "Nice and Neat" in various sizes. The font is available to download for free from: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Cafeteria Rules Social Story”

by Amy Haselden
Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Social Story about rules in the cafeteria during mealtimes. Listening to the teacher, keeping hands to yourself, noise level, etc. This story is to assist special education teachers, speech-language pathologists, elementary education teachers in relating basic cafeteria rules to a student who may be on the autism spectrum deal with eating in the cafeteria. 

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Utilizing videos effectively in your classroom

Videos can be a great way to explore and demonstrate aspects and intricacies to your students you wouldn't normally be able to because of expense or danger (i.e. blowing up a building, touring Jupiter's Giant Red Spot, etc.). Therefore, the value of videos is huge is used properly as they can provide a visual context which is immensely important for learners especially those who need to see it to understand.

I utilize videos in four different ways.

1) To provide that context I mentioned which allows my students to see something they otherwise couldn't. There's only so much a student can get from a picture, often it's the animation or video which brings to life the material in a meaningful way.  Some of my favourite include: Images of the UniverseRussian 2013 Meteor Explosion and turning DNA to Protein through animation.

2) Relate the content from a different perspective - in this case the perspective is that of the performer or narrator. My favourite growing up was always Bill Nye the Science Guy. His take on science was simple, to the point and related in an engaging and meaningful way. His humor brought science to life. A few examples include: Bill Nye - BiodiversityBill Nye - Food Webs and Bill Nye - The Water Cycle

3) To provide a break in the action as a mid lesson breather. If your lesson is dragging, break it up with some entertainment. This doesn't have to be content specific but in my opinion, should be subject specific or relevance to current circumstances (winter colds, movie releases, etc.). I show a lot of ASAP Science videos on things like Does Being Cold Make You Sick?The Poop CycleThe Moon Illusion.  

4) Lastly I use to review or introduce a topic.  There is a series of videos where the creator introduces a variety of biology topics (i.e. Introduction to Biology) and I like to use them to engage my students from the start.

How to use them: However, teachers often become complacent and presumptuous and assume that just because there is a video on, their kids are paying attention.  Kids hate boring videos people, they also dislike long videos so keep them short, to the point and fun.  Please don't show hour long documentaries on ecosystems, even if that interests you, they just don't care enough.  It's not their fault, they're young and it's just not that important to them.  Lastly, even if you have a class full of kids who stay awake, they aren't benefiting from the video nearly as much as they could.  This is because despite their good intentions, unless what you are watching is of significant interest to you, your mind has a tendency to drift, mine does.

You need to keep them focused and the best way to do that is to provide them with something to keep them thinking and paying attention. Since moving around the classroom usually isn't conducive to watching a video, my solution is a worksheet.  I hardly ever show a video over 10 minutes long that doesn't include a worksheet. Worksheets force them to listen so they can fill in the spaces/answer the questions which also allows them to move around a little through writing but most importantly, it keeps them focussed. As I mentioned above, I love Bill Nye.  I use his videos in my class every year and they are great.  In order to follow my own guidelines I've created a set of worksheets that go along with many of his more popular videos including Food Webs and The Water Cycle.  Each worksheet contains a link that will take you to the video as well as an answer key. I've created a compilation collection of 18 video worksheets as well as five other smaller, subject-specific bundles. Please have a look.
Looking for more great science videos?  Click here to search my data base of engaging, non-boring, student approved videos - http://www.teachwithfergy.com/science-videos/ Bill Nye All Vertical

Teach With Fergy

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Literary Terms by Examples 1: Allegory to Antithesis         FREE!

LITERARY TERMS 3: Comedy-Direct Characterization

Check out Day 9 of Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z- Journals! Want to increase your students' written communication and critical thinking skills? Math journals are a great assessment tool for evaluating your students’ understanding of a specific skill or concept. Read about how you can implement them in your classroom. I've shared a photo example, a sample scoring rubric, and a link to a pack full of ideas and usage tips. 

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Check out Day 8 of Doing Math the Routty Way: Engaging Activities from A to Z- I Have, Who Has! Want to encourage mental math work and increase student engagement at the same time? Read about how you can use I Have, Who Has games to transition your class or to provide a brain break during the day. I've also shared a strategy and a photo to encourage you to involve your students in the creation of the games on my blog.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Build a Sundae Open-ended Game”

by The Speech Attic
Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Opened-ended games make planning a therapy session quick and easy. You can target one or multiple targets (articulation, expressive and receptive language, grammar, etc.). This open-ended game is perfect for summer and appropriate for PK-5th grade. 

Students roll a die while practicing target skills and collect parts of their sundae. The object of the game is to be the first person to complete their sundae.

Hope you enjoy!

SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "American History, World History, and Geography Collection"

American History, World History, and Geography Collection
HALF PRICE until 9/21/2014! Click HERE to purchase!
                                                         Grades 6-12
                                                        Total Pages  Over 1000
                                                Answer Key  Included With rubric
                                                Teaching Duration 1 Year

This great lesson plan collection includes over 300 internet-based activities covering World History, American History, and Geography topics from Mesopotamia to Obama.

Every lesson I have is included, except my powerpoints. (Multiple Powerpoint files are too large to place in collections; you can buy them individually)

My students enjoy these webquests and are very engaged in them. My students ask more questions and using the internet is always more exciting than reading from a textbook. Each major lesson plan/webquest takes at least one class period to complete. All of the websites cover events in American History, World History, and Geography in great detail. 

I sell these lesson plans individually and they have received very positive reviews. Save yourself time and money and order this whole collection together! By ordering this lesson plan collection, you will have activities for 100 to 200 school days depending on the grade you teach. Answer sheets are included for the teacher.

Feel free to check the reviews of my various webquests and lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you have any questions about this collection plan please ask; I will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

The following lesson plans are in this collection:

American History Sets
American Revolution Lesson Plan Collection
War of 1812 and Early United States Lesson Plan Collection History
Civil War and Reconstruction Lesson Plan Collection (History Wizard)
African American History Webquests and Lesson Plans Collection
Minnesota History Webquests and Lesson Plan Collection
American West and Westward Expansion Lesson Plan Collection
Spanish American War and Imperialism Lesson Plan Collection
Presidents Webquest: Washington to Obama
Assassination of American Presidents Primary Source Worksheets Collection
Great Depression Lesson Plan Collection
Cold War Lesson Plans and Webquests Collection (Includes the Korean War and Vietnam War)

World History Sets
Ancient Civilizations of the World Webquest Collection
Complete Middle Ages Webquests and Worksheets Collection
History Wizard’s Explorers and Colonization Lesson Plan Collection
Africa History and Geography Collection
Native American Lesson Plan and Webquest Collection
The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars Lesson Plan Collection
Complete World War I and Russian Revolution Collection
World War II and Holocaust Webquest Collection

Geography Set
History Wizard’s Whole Year of Geography Lesson Plans and Mapping Activities

If you would just like the American or World History Collection check out the following:

American and World History Primary Sources Worksheet Collection
World History and World Geography Collection (History Wizard)
American History, World History, and Geography Collection (History Wizard)

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History Wizard


The History Wizard

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I am a 28-year veteran educator. I have taught English to grades seven through eleven, college-level Composition I and II, Survival Reading for College, eighth grade and high school U.S. History, honors Oklahoma History and adult basic education/GED preparation. I have been a College Board Pre-AP consultant since 2003 and have presented at several summer institutes and one- and two-day conferences. I am a mentor teacher-trainer I hold a B.S. in Education (language arts and social studies) and a Master’s in Liberal Studies from the University of Oklahoma.

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What advice would you give to someone who may want to become a seller at Teachers Pay Teachers?
Don’t be afraid! If you’ve created something that works in your class, share it! I declared a personal moratorium on textbook publishers’ materials (especially test prep!) several years ago. I support fellow teachers, NOT publishers of expensive textbooks!

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I am semi-retired now, so I hope to devote more time to posting my materials. TpT and my private consulting must supplement my meager Teachers’ Retirement.

What do you like best about being a member of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative?
Being a member of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative is forcing me step outside my own comfort zone and learn how to be more adept at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. But, I strive to be a life-long learner, and as I tell my students, learning happens in the struggle.

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