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FREE MATH LESSON - “Math Number Flashcards 0-20”

by Family and Child Development Lab-Becky Cothern
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

These number flashcards are the perfect size to use for a variety of math games, lessons, and assessments. This product contains not only the flashcards (0-20) but also ideas and suggestions for how the cards can be used as well. These can be used in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade. Most use will be in preschool and kindergarten. 

If you enjoy this product check out some of my best-sellers:

Kindergarten Measurement and Data Unit.

Kindergarten Readiness Packet.

Plants and Animals.

If you give a Mouse a Cookie.

Reading Fundamentals- Beginning Fluency.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - "Subtraction Assessment for Kindergarten/1st/2nd”

by Corrie Weaver
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

This assessment is great to use with kindergarten or early first grade to assess your students on subtraction skills. The assessment includes story problems, some/take away some, subtraction facts and missing numbers in a subtraction fact.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Awesome Adjective Worksheets”

by Kristin Jason
1st - 3rd Grade

Free adjective review and adjective center worksheets! Silly, smart, fun, beautiful, spectacular....adjectives make everything better! Use these worksheets to teach, review, or test adjectives. You can use this product as a center activity or a guided activity. No matter how you use them, the result is the same- your students will practice identifying adjectives, using adjectives to describe, and choosing an adjective to fit the context of a sentence. 

This product contains three adjective worksheets. Two worksheets have the objective of identifying the adjectives in the sentences and choosing an adjective to complete a sentence. One worksheet has students generate three adjectives that describe the pictures. 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

TPT sale: Growth mindset, Close Reading, Team Building and classroom decor sets on sale!!

It's time for the TeachersPayTeachers sale!

Here are some great products from my store!

Growth Mindset

Is your school doing  more and more with technology?  Here is a Google drive activity about growth mindset.  It had two quick activities and a report for the kids to do!  If not techy yet, I have other products for Growth mindset for you.

Close Reading Guides

Have you read Rain, Reign by Ann M. Martin?  It's an amazing book about Rose.
She was diagnosed with high functioning autism, which some call Asperger's Syndrome. She lives with her father and her dog, Rain. She loves homonyms, prime numbers and Rain.  It's a deeply moving book.  I also have guides for many more: The One and Only Ivan, Wonder, Fish in a Tree and many more.

Back to School Team Building Activities

Looking to build trust and community in your classroom?  I hope these activities help you build that environment where your students feel loved, secure and supported.

Classroom decor sets

Looking to decorate your room?   I always start with literature!  Here are four different sets: Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. Choose the one that fits your personality and kids!

Remember to use the code OneDay for a bigger discount!


FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “I Mustache You a Question!- Back to School”

by A Teachable Year
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

I designed this 10-page packet to help kids to ask and answer about personal information the first days of school.
It is ready to print and use with your kids.

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Happy teaching!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Language Arts - "Playing Uno with Syllable Type Reading Bundle Packet"

by Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Grades K-4

There are 6 syllable types in reading which are Closed Syllable, V-C-e Syllable, -r-Controlled Syllables, Open Syllables, Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Syllables, and Final Stable Syllables. The basic overall purpose of learning syllable type reading is to give students 6 reading strategies to aid them in chunking longer words into short, readable parts. This packet of 6 games give students a fun way to learn the syllable types. The games can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups. This is a great game to use to differentiate a reading lesson. So enjoy as your students learn another way to break the code to reading!
The Giver Vocabulary - Hands-on

The Giver Vocabulary Unit is a hands-on, interactive pack for the novel that can be used with or without interactive notebooks. This is a great addition to any Giver materials you may already have. It includes activities and tasks that are fun for active learners. This unit also comes with quizzes, answer keys, and an editable file for the quizzes in case you wish to make changes. The 3 quizzes also come in 2 versions each to deter cheaters.

Chapter 1 - template for 5 words along with writing.
Chapters 3-4 - instructions for 3 words.
Chapters 5-6 - template for 8 words
Review competitions in the form of a puzzle for chapters 1-6
Quiz on chapters 1-6 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions.

Chapters 7-8 - Word Posters instructions and rubric - covers 10 words
Chapters 9-10 - Instructions for 5 words.
Chapters 11-12 - Instructions for 3 words
Memory Review game for chapters 7-12- game pieces included
Quiz on chapters 7-12 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions

Chapters 13-14 - Template for 8 words.
Chapters 15-18 - Instructions for 3 words.
Chapters 19-23 - Template for 10 words
Slap It game for to review chapters 13-23 - game cards included
Quiz on chapters 13-23 is 10 multiple-choice questions in 2 versions.


FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “1st Day of School Social Studies Interest Survey”

by Erin Schneider
6th - 9th Grade

This is a one page interest survey for a middle school social studies classroom. The interest survey asks students about themselves, strengths, weaknesses, and plans for the future. The bottom of the handout asks students to come up with goals for the school year.

I typically give this interest survey the first day of school and keep it in my desk all year long. I find myself accessing these surveys often. On the last day of school I hand them back to the students, so they can enjoy seeing how much they've changed. I hope your students appreciate filling them out and receiving them back as much as mine do.

Take a look and download. Remember if you rate the product you get TpT credits. Thank you!

Buy my entire store for about 50% off!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS - "BINGO with Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Words"

by Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Grades 1-3

This fun game of BINGO gives students practice differentiating between vowel digraphs and vowel diphthong syllables. A vowel digraph is a syllable that has two vowels glued together whose sound will say one of the vowel sounds. A vowel diphthong is two vowels glued together or one vowel glued to the left of the letter -w whose sound will be unique to the combination of the two letters. After playing a few times, the students will catch on to these two different syllable types and will begin to quickly identify them and their sounds. There are two different bingo cards for the students, and there are 96 word cards--48 vowel digraph words and 48 vowel diphthong words.

FREE MATH LESSON - “Mean Median Mode and Range Posters {Free}”

by Polliwog Place
4th - 6th Grade

These Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Posters are a set of 4 printable posters that focus on the statistics concepts of mean, median, mode, and range. Each poster comes in both color and black & white.
These posters coordinate with Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Task Cards.
If you like this free poster set, please leave feedback. I love reading about how products are being used.
Thank you! -- Polliwog Place

Look for additional teaching resources in my store:
*Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Task Cards
*Fractional Part of a Group Task Cards - Pet Shop
*Fractional Part of a Group Task Cards - Pirate Theme
*Fractional Part of a Group Task Cards - Easter
*Logic Puzzles - Brain Teasers with Grids
*Mixed Number and Improper Fractions Task Cards
*Fractions Task Cards: Converting Fractions and Decimals
*More activities

Mean Median Mode | Mean Median Mode and Range | Statistics | Math Posters |

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Friday, August 19, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS - "Short Vowel Picture Sorts"

by Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Grades K-2

These fun printables give students the opportunity to sort the short vowel sounds using pictures. Students can first color the pictures, then cut the pictures and paste them into the correct vowel frame. These are great for emerging readers! And they are great to place in literacy stations.


I relaxed for several days in an ashram in India. I scaled Mt. Everest in a dangerous ascent. I explored declining sea life on faded reefs and in the depths of the ocean. I also gazed at famous paintings and scultpures in the Vatican, and I spent an entire week on African safari. I visited with the inventors of the airplane, the Wright brothers. WOW! I did quite a lot! How did I do it?
By reading books, of course!
Some teachers begin the school year by assigning a composition about summer vacation. The task is common because many students have gone someplace, if only for a day, and it is a fairly easy topic for student writing.  Most of my students, however, had not gone anywhere. I used these travel statements as a way to introduce the first essay of the year, and as another way to encourage children to read. They could write about places they actually visited, places they might enjoy visiting by browsing through books from the library, or about books they did read during the summer months. I brought my own books into class for display.
I actually had fun spending a few minutes telling them about books that I had enjoyed reading. Little did they know that I was a model for their own one-minute oral book reports to come later in the school year. Research indicates that the most effective motivation for independent reading is when students give short, enthusiastic book reports to their peers.
Many students have busy parents who rarely read, so they need role models who DO read and enjoy it! To become good readers, children, in their own free reading time, must practice the skills we are teaching them.