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Fractions For Third Grade

Fractions For Third Grade includes 21 printable worksheets that cover every third Grade Math Common Core Standards for Fractions. 

This resource includes:
  1. Shade the objects according to the fractions.
  2. Write the fraction in each box.
  3. Divide each shape into equal parts.
  4. Write the fraction for the shaded part of each circle. Shade each rectangle to show the fraction. 
  5. Color the circle based on the key at the bottom of the circle and then fill in the missing places.
  6. Cut out the fractions at the bottom of the page . Paste them in the correct places.
  7. Fill in the missing places. Divide each figure into equal parts. Shade the figure with the indicated fraction.
  8. What fraction of each figure is shaded?
  9. Write the fraction of the shape that is shaded on the left. Write the fraction of the shape that is not shaded on the right.
  10. Represent each fraction on the number line.
  11. Write the fraction of the shaded area in the right circle. Represent the fraction on the number line.
  12. What fraction does the pirate flag show on the line?
  13. Write the fraction for the shaded part of each figure. Connect the figures that show equivalent fractions.
  14. Write the equivalent fractions in each row. Use models.
  15. Shade the fractions.
  16. Complete each number sentence to find equivalent fractions . Use models. 
  17. Write two equivalent fractions for each model.
  18. Represent each fraction on the number line .Answer the questions. Write < = > for each pair of fractions.
  19. Circle the correct letter that would make the fraction comparison true .
  20. Write the fraction for the shaded part of each figure. Write < => for each pair of fractions.
  21. Write >, < or = for each pair of fractions

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It's a Frog's Life Activity Pack - A Nonfiction Resource

Hop To It!
This product includes everything you need to teach all about FROGS and their Cycle of Life! 
There are three informational articles with real life photos and comprehension questions for older students plus a mini-book that describes and explains the cycle of life for students. 
Just added: A special case study on Poison Dart Frogs
There’s also a template for younger students to create and color their own mini-book related to a frog’s cycle of life. 
There are several engaging student activities to complement this unit of study including:

Mini-book for students to create and color related to the life cycle of a frog
Vocabulary flip-flap book
Main Idea template to use with the articles
Comprehension & Connection Questions
Fact and Opinion activities
Concept Frog Map 
The Life Cycle of Frog Organizer
Coloring pages 
Vocabulary Posters – great for bulletin boards!

Keep Froggin Around and Leap on Over!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Grades 4-6 and Homeschool
Sarah Peterson
Hands on History

Need reading passages on the Roanoke and Jamestown Settlers?  Check out my latest product! 


BINGO is a fun way to review new concepts and vocabulary words. The words in this BINGO set relate to the topic of Roanoke and Jamestown Settlers and make the perfect review for the eight pages of informational text that are included in this product.  The passages can also be used for CLOSE READING, using any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

This product includes:
8 One-Page Passages of Informational Text (930L – 1000L Lexile)
36 Unique Bingo Cards (18 pages with two cards per sheet)
The Caller’s Tracking Sheet
24 Calling Cards Containing Words and Clues

Informational Text
There are eight pages of informational text about the topic: Roanoke and Jamestown Settlers.  The passages cover the following topics:

·        Roanoke Settlement
·        Jamestown Settlement
·        Life at Jamestown; Life as a Settler
·        First, Second and Third Supplies
·        The Starving Time
·        John Rolfe and Tobacco; John Rolfe and Pocahontas
·        Tobacco and Labor Needs; Servitude and Slavery
·        The Powhatan Indian Attacks of 1622

Words that are included:
1607; Attacks of 1622; Brackish; Cash Crop; Colonize; Croatoan; Hogshead; Indentured Servants; Jamestown; John Rolfe; John Smith; King James I; Maize; Pocahontas; Powhatan; Queen Elizabeth I; Roanoke; Sea Venture; Settler; Siege; The Starving Time; Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery; Tobacco; Virginia Dare

Although all cards contain the same 24 words, the order on each card is unique.  Each student will find every word on their card.  Of course, this means “blackout” is not a good option – although my students sometimes insisted on playing all the way through and singing out “BINGO” in unison at the end!

This product is great for a large group, class or co-op.!  It can be played in the traditional way where the instructor randomly chooses one of the cards and calls out the word.  Or, to play as a review game, the instructor can read the clue that appears on the card below the BINGO word. 

Click here for Settlers Bingo
or, Check out my STORE for other history-related products!

(Note: The informational text also appears in my Colonial Careers Lesson Plan)

Language Arts - "Vowel-Consonant-e Bundle Packet"

by Amanda Trump
Grades K-3

This reading unit provides 55 pages of the V-C-e syllable type word lists. V-C-e is one of the six types of syllables in reading. The lists in this unit include words spelled using each vowel in conjunction with common phonograms. These lists of words will help students recognize the common patterns seen in V-C-e syllables. 

The 71 page unit includes activities and games that can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups. So enjoy as your students learn another way to break the code to reading! Here is a list of the activities and games included in this packet:

1, Move the Spider to His Web 
2. Syllable Type Organizers 
3. Connect 4 
4. Color the Snail’s Shell
5. Graph Your Total 
6. Dominoes 
7. It’s Raining V-C-e Words 
8. Burst a Balloon 
9. Flower Power 
10. V-C-e Booklets
11. Flip-Flop Match-Up
12. A Walk Around the Block
13. Skunk
14. Building Words 
15. Snake & Ladders

Fraction Fun ,I have! Who Has?

Fraction Fun ,I have! Who Has? includes 20 fraction game cards.This set is limited to fractions with denominators 2,3,4,6,8 aligned with common core standards for 3rd grade."I have! Who has?" is a fun game for students to review fractions.

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Ecology Complete Unit: Sustainable Ecosystems - Lessons, Assessments and Activities

Newly updated Ecosystem Unit.

The Unit Package includes a complete lesson set for an Ecology unit on Sustainable Ecosystems. Save 38% compared with purchasing each item within the bundle separately. Save even more when you combine units. I've bundled two common units together so please have a look at my Space and Ecology Unit Bundle.

Included in the package:
- 5 weeks of teaching material
- 9 Power Points totaling 170 slides
- 5 Culminating Tasks/Projects
- Ecosystems Lab Experiment: Ecobottles Lab
Creative Story Assignment
Water and Carbon Cycle Diagram Activity
Human Impact on Ecosystems Assignment

Invasive Species Project (can be found in Lesson 9)
Ecology and Ecosystems Task Card Review
- FOUR Bill Nye Worksheets with direct video link and answer key
- Teacher and student versions of each power point
- Student notes in word

If you teach space and ecology, please CLICK HERE as I've bundled both units for an additional savings of 25%!

Lessons Included:
Lesson 1 - The Spheres of the Earth
Lesson 2 - Ecosystems
Lesson 3 - Energy Flow In Ecosystems
Lesson 4 - Cycling of Matter In Ecosystems
Lesson 5 - Population Influences within Ecosystems
Lesson 6 - Ecological Succession
Lesson 7 - Biomass and Fossil Fuels
Lesson 8 - The Importance of Biodiversity
Lesson 9 - Invasive Species

Math - April Two-Step Word Problems

Grades 1-3
Jan'etta Hayden

Of course story problems aka word problems are always difficult for students to master.  I've made a packet that includes 40 problems.  Half of them are for addition and the other half are, of course, subtraction problems.  All of them are about money!

Click HERE to download now.

There are 20 Addition Problems

There are 20 Subtraction Problems

Of Course this packet is completely NO PREP!  

Thank you for your time.  I hope that you are having or have had or will have a wonderful Spring Break 2015!  I am

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Language Arts- Short Vowel Springtime SPLAT! CCSS

Short Vowel Springtime SPLAT is a fun and engaging way for your students or home schooler to practice rhyming short vowel word families in a fun springtime theme. Short vowel SPLAT is played similarly to slap jack and will have students "splatting" their way to mastering rhyming and short vowel word families in no time.

Word Families Included are:
~at, an, ap, ad, ag
~et, en, ed
~ip, ig, it, in, id
~ot, og, op
~ug, un, ut

Here's a preview of the short vowel word cards:


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Language Arts - "Open Syllable Bundle Packet"

by Amanda Trump
Grades K-3

This reading bundle packet provides 106 pages of the open syllable type word lists, activities, and games. The open syllable words in this packet include words using each vowel in conjunction with one, two, or multi-syllable words. The activities are presented in a fun and basic way so that students can easily and quickly grasp the idea of open syllable words. After some practice, students will easily locate the open syllable in the words--whether at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Here’s a list of the activities/games in the packet

1. Bubble Yum Relay
2. Flower Power
3. Open Syllable Word Count, Sort & Write
4. Open Syllable Cut, Sort & Glue 
5. Open Syllable Count & Divide
6. First or Last Syllable Open?
7. Fill Up the Jar
8. I Spy
10. First or Last Syllable Open Picture Sort
11. Hear, Write & Draw
12. Open Syllable Booklets
13. Dominoes
14. Try Spelling/Draw & Spell
15. Move the Cow to the Barn


Grades 4-6 and Homeschool
Sarah Peterson
Hands on History


Check out my latest Historical Reading Comprehension Product covering:


This product is great for Social Studies (History) and Language Arts (Reading Comprehension).  The product contains: one 1-page passage of informational text on The Indian Removal Act;  one 2-page passage on Trail of Tears and the Long Walk;  one 2-page passage on Native American Chiefs and War Paint; three pages of reading comprehension questions (one for each passage); and the teacher’s keys.   

Questions are true or false; multiple choice and open ended, and include both literal and inferential questions.  The reading passages can be used for CLOSE READING with other non-fiction graphic organizers as well! 

Lexile measure: 820L-870L
THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT FOR A QUICK SAMPLE FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS!   It may be used for Independent Reading, Homework, or as a Supplemental Homeschool Worksheet.

$2.00 Grades 4-6 and homeschool

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Please note:  The Informational Text also appears in my Wild West Career Lesson Plan; however, the reading comprehension questions are not a part of that lesson plan.

Addition Fun With Owls: Two-digit Addition with Regrouping & Without Regrouping

Addition Fun With Owls: Two-digit Addition with Regrouping & Without Regrouping ,I have! Who Has? . This packet includes 40 game cards.Each student needs to solve the two-digit addition fact and read the answer aloud. "I have! Who has?" is a fun game for students to review two-digit addition.
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The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Complete SubPlan & Thematic Unit for Grades 1-2 CCSS

Do you ever have those days where you are so sick but you really don't want to write sub plans?  Do you have those days in between testing, after testing, or before or after breaks where you want to do something fun with your students but need it to be standards-based?  Meet my newest line of products...  One Book Wonders!

One Book Wonders is just that... everything you need all from one book.  It's a complete cross-curricular unit that covers all major subject areas.  It can be used for one day and depending on which lessons you do, up to 3 days.  My first one is the book The Pigeon Needs a Bath! by Mo Willems.
 Best part?  It's only $5.  I would definitely pay $5 to not have to write sub plans and know that my students were going to be engaged and actively learning all day.  Click the picture to grab it from my TpT store. 

Here's a preview of what's included:


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Mathematics - Skip Counting

Jan'etta Hayden
Grades 1-3

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Looking for an easy way to practice skip counting? This is the packet for you. There are 24 Print and Go worksheets with two themes. One set is in color and the other a blackline ink saver. There are 24 task cards and an answer sheet.
Each theme includes three levels for differentiation. 

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