Saturday, October 10, 2015

Math: Apple Addition


Gather apples and let your kiddos have hands-on practice with these apple-themed task cards!

 Place 10 apples at the Math Center with these task cards and a recording sheet. The students choose a task card and then use the apples to determine the answer to the equation . They can then record their answers on the recording sheets. 

If you are unable to provide apples you can print the apple manipulatives that come with the packet. The students can use them to figure out the equation. 

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Happy Fall!
Gretchen Ebright

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FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Biology Lab: Simple DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) Extraction”

by Amy Brown Science
6th - 12th Grade

Biology Lab: Simple DNA Extraction from Wheat Germ

This is one of my favorite labs/activities that I do with my Biology I students. It doesn't take long to do, it uses very simple household materials, and it works every time! There is no number crunching or data analysis, but just a fun activity that your students will really enjoy.

NOTE: This product is also available in a bundled product called Biology Labs: 15 Must Do Labs for a Biology Class. 

Materials Needed: Wheat germ, 50 mL beaker, warm water, Dawn dishwashing detergent, ethyl alcohol, glass stirring rod, dropper, balance and graduated cylinder.

You will use ordinary Dawn dishwashing detergent and alcohol to extract the DNA from the cells of wheat germ. The download will include a lab handout that is ready to be copied and passed out to your students. Includes: Title, Introduction, Purpose, Safety Precautions, Procedure, and Follow Up Questions.

I have also included a "Teacher Preparation" page with answers to the questions and some additional set up information.

I use this with my high school Biology students, but this activity can easily be done with middle school students.

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FREE Chart of Amino Acids and Their Codons

Free DNA Informational Text with Graphic Organizers

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Friday, October 9, 2015


By Christina L
Grades 2-5

Please enjoy these free spider activities for October!
There are 3 sheets included:

• How Many Words Can You Make From Arachnophobia?

• Spiders: True or False?

• Spiders: Fact or Opinion?

This product can accompany
Spiders: A Non-Fiction Booklet and Reading Activities

  Halloween Drawing Worksheets and Poems

  Art Action - Laurie Carpenter

   Grades 2-5

Kids love to read a poem and then draw a picture. This fun Halloween project does just that, AND, gives the elementary teacher MANY printables for quiet seat work projects for her students. The student motivation comes from original poetry written for this lesson.
Download includes: PDF lesson plans, printable worksheets, original poems.

Check out the rest of my Halloween lessons in my store at:

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Thanksgiving Mini-Notecards”

by Hilary Lewis
Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

These Mini-Notes are great because you can just print, cut with a paper cutter, and give to your kids...and you don't have to spend a fortune in printer ink! Such a nice way to let your kiddos know you care.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Science: Observation Sheets for Fall Science - Leaves, Apples, Gourds, Pumpkins, Spiders

Observation Sheets for Fall Science - Leaves, Apples, Gourds, Pumpkins and Spiders

#FallScience, #science, #pumpkins, #gourds, #spiders, #leaves, #apples, #kindergarten, #grade1 

Colors of Fall!

  I love to load my Science table in the Fall with all kinds of colorful, touchy-feely, smelly, gooey....stuff!

You could expect to find:

*Pumpkins - whole and scooped

*Gourds - whole and scooped 

*Apples - whole, sliced and rotten; different kinds

*Leaves - all shapes, sizes and colors 

*Indian corn - in shallow water -to get it to sprout

I use Observation Sheets to go along with all these science goodies. These allow children to explore and record their observations.
Here is a FREEBIE!
I also have Observation Sheets for:

Rotting Apples
Inside of Pumpkins

The kiddos LOVE all of these! 

For the SPIDER sheet, I supply different resources - library/science books, websites (like this NatGeo page)

 Or if your school allows it and you're brave enough - you can catch one and place it in an observation container!


Predictions and Outcomes:

The kiddos love to do a  Sink and Float activity ! They really have fun making predictions and then recording the outcome. 

The Sink and Float sheets are also included in the 

Observation  Sheets for Fall Science

click here!

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Task Cards for Stellaluna
Apple Addition

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Happy Fall!
Gretchen Ebright

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Effective Parent/Teacher Conferences

If you are like most teachers, you are preparing for your first round of parent/teacher conferences. Now that I teach on the college level, this is one activity I currently don't have to do, but when I did, I really did enjoy them. Why? Because I was prepared with more than just the student's grades. Here are some of the ways I got ready.

First, in preparing for parent/teacher conferences, what can you do on a daily basis? Is the conference based on simply talking about grades or are there additional items that need discussing? How can an observation be specific without offending the parent or guardian? How is it possible to remember everything?

I kept a clipboard in my classroom on which were taped five 6” x 8” file cards so they overlapped - something like you see in the two pictures above. Each week, I tired to evaluate five students, writing at least two observations for each child on the cards. At the end of the week, the file cards were removed and placed into the children's folders. The next week, four different students were chosen to be evaluated. In this way, I did not feel overwhelmed, and had time to really concentrate on a small group of children. By the end of 4-5 weeks, each child in the class had been observed at least twice. By the end of the year, every child had been observed at least eight different times.

Below are sample observations which might appear on the cards.


Mary Kay

 Likes to work alone; shy and withdrawn;  wears a great deal of make-up.

 She has a good self concept and is  friendly. Her preferred learning style is  visual based on the modality survey.



 Leader, at times domineering, likes to  play games where money is involved.

 His preferred learning style is auditory  (from the modality survey). He can be a  “bully,” especially in competitive games.  He tends to use aggressive language with  those who are not considered athletic.

Checklist for P/T Conferences
By the time the first parent/teacher conferences rolled around, I had at least two observations for each child. This allowed me to share specific things (besides grades) with the parents/guardians. As the year progressed, more observations were added; so, that a parent/guardian as well as myself could readily see progress in not only grades, but in a student's behavior and social skills. The cards were also an easy reference for filling out the paperwork for a 504 plan or an IEP (Individual Education Plan). As a result of utilizing the cards, I learned pertinent and important facts related to the whole child which in turn created an effective and relevant parent/teacher conference.

To keep the conference on the right track, I also created a checklist to use during parent/teacher conferences.  It featured nine characteristics listed in a brief, succinct checklist form. During conferences, this guide allowed me to have specific items to talk about besides grades. Some of the characteristics included were study skills and organization, response to assignments, class attitude, inquiry skills, etc. Since other teachers at my school were always asking to use it, I rewrote it and placed it in my TPT store. It is available for only $1.95, and I guarantee it will keep your conferences flowing and your parents focused! When you have time, check it out!

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “10 Craft Recipes for Crafts, Gifts, and Science”

by Lisa Frase
Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade

This FREE 6 page pdf file contains 10 craft recipes: playdough, soap bubbles, finger paints, clay, bubble bath, silly putty, soap crayons, face paint, soap flake sculptures, and bath salts.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

HALLOWEEN ELA: CinderHazel No Prep Book Unit -- Just in Time for Halloween

This is a NO PREP book unit for "CinderHazel" -- a book by Deborah
Nourse Lattimore. This is an engaging differentiated unit that contains interactive notebook pages, writing assignments, quizzes, printables, cross-curricular activities, literary elements and a whole lot more! 

This Cinderella around the world unit is full of engaging common core aligned assignments that are perfect for the 21st Century Classroom.

Check out my other Cinderella Around the World Lessons at Elizabeth’s Lessons: Cinderella Around the World!

Science: Pumpkin Life Cycle - Fall Science

Pumpkin Life Cycle - Fall Science
#fallscience, #pumpkins, #pumpkinlifecycle, #science


My students love SCIENCE this time of year, and so do I! 
The Science table is always full of gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn and Fall leaves..

One of our favorite activities is learning all about the life cycle of the pumpkin. 
It is a great way to introduce new vocabulary as well!

This packet is a great addition to your Science activities this Fall! 
It includes:

-Life Cycle Drawing Activity
-10 page Emergent Reader with fill-in-the-blanks
-6 Life Cycle Picture Cards
-12 Life Cycle Word Cards
-Cut and Paste Life Cycle Activity
-Sentence Fill-in-the-Blank with word bank
-Follow Oral Directions Activity
-Labeling Activity

Print 'n Go. Grades K-2

Jump on over to my shop to grab the Pumpkin Life Cycle packet and download this FREEBIE to go along with your Fall Science Lessons!
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Apple Addition

Happy Fall!
Gretchen Ebright

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “First Thanksgiving Printable Mini Book”

by First Grade Fanatics
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

This First Thanksgiving printable mini book pack contains:

•A First Thanksgiving fill in the blank printable mini book (pages 2-5)
•Answer pages (pages 6-9)
•Word search containing words from the printable mini book (page 10)

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sentence Editing Activity Fry List

Meet the fix it heroes! This packet includes over 60 sentences especially designed for emergent readers and students mastering beginning skills. It focuses on sight words 1-20 from the first 100 Fry words. Each page includes one sentence where students must read, circle the mistakes, re-write the sentence correctly, cut and paste the words in order, and finally illustrate the sentence. Skills focus on handwriting, sight words spelling, sentence conventions, ending punctuation, and right or wrong ending punctuation. These are great for morning work, ESL/ELL students, time fillers, literacy centers, or homework. Words include:

the, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it, he, was, for, on, are, as, with, his, they, I, at, be, this, have, from
Number words 0-10 and colors black, white, blue, pink, yellow, green.

This activity can be found HERE.

Here is an image in action:

Find more activities at the Sea of Knowledge Blog or TPT Store here. If you're looking for ESL specific activities for grades 4+ head to ESL World. :)


Halloween Spooks - Creative Writing Activities for Middle School

 By Deann Marin at The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington  Irving has always been one of my favorite tales.. When I was a child, we would often visit my Uncle Marty who had a farm near Tarrytown New York.  Whenever we were up there, I would think of the Headless Horseman because that’s where the story took place.  I could always visualize the Horseman with head in hand,  chasing poor puny Ichabod Crane.. He always scared the socks off of me, so when we drove through the wooded area up there, I would cover my eyes and spread my fingers just a bit so that I could see. My parents got such a kick out of this that they just went along with it.

This story is the inspiration for my Halloween Spooks Creative Writing Bundle for Middle School.  Kids this age just love to be scared. and they’ll have a great time with this activity.  Read the novel, to the class to set the tone. This is a version that everyone can listen to. Emphasize that there is nothing gory in the story, but it is still terrifying. If you don't want too much gore, let them know that you don't want blood and guts.
I've always liked working with collaborative groups, and this assignment lends itself quite well to this approach.  Complete lesson plans and a grading rubric are included.  There are 26 task cards and some blank ones for you to add your own ideas., as well as lined writing paper.  Everything has a scary theme.
 Of course your students are going to want to share their writing with the rest of the class. So set the stage by lowering or turning off the lights, closing the shades, and bringing in a flashlight or two. Then have everyone sit in a circle as if they’re around a campfire, or have them bring in blankets or beach towels and sit on the floor.  Turn off the lights and play some spooky music in the background.  Have fun.

Halloween Spooks at Socrates Lantern's Tpt Store

Painting by John Quidor 

                                Halloween Math for grades 2-4

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New and good things are happening. We’ve changed  the name of our Sharing is CaringTeacher Blogging Cooperative to Teacher Talk.  Each month we will bring you a variety of new topics  from our teacher bloggers. Stay tuned for October Teacher Talk which will be posted October 12th.

Weaving Sculpture with holiday embellishments

Art Action - Laurie Carpenter

Grades 2-6

PROJECT OVERVIEW-PURPOSE: To provide the elementary student with a 2-dimensional basic weaving experience, followed by a " new twist " on this, when student experiments to creatively change the flat weaving into a paper sculpture.

OPTION #1: A detailed lesson plan requiring the student to use both art and math skills, as they create the entire project from scratch and on their own. (for the older student)

THEN IN OPTION #2: The lesson is simplified into an "easy-art" project using templates and patterns.

BOTH OPTIONS: Can be turned into a holiday project when seasonal embellishments are added. Students may use the templates provided, or create their own original ideas.

* A fun activity that does not require an art room... can be easily accomplished in the classroom or home school.

Lesson Plan for 3 projects
Printed student hand-out
Detailed step-by-step instructions and photos
Templates for simplified version
Motivational procedure
Bulletin Board ideas

Total Pages 12

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Thanksgiving Word Activity”

by Rachel Lynette
2nd - 6th Grade

Here is a fun and free Thanksgiving Activity! Includes two puzzle pages plus answer keys.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Language Arts - "Open Syllable Bundle Packet"

by Amanda Trump
Grades K-3

This reading bundle packet provides 106 pages of the open syllable type word lists, activities, and games. The open syllable words in this packet include words using each vowel in conjunction with one, two, or multi-syllable words. The activities are presented in a fun and basic way so that students can easily and quickly grasp the idea of open syllable words. After some practice, students will easily locate the open syllable in the words--whether at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Here’s a list of the activities/games in the packet

1. Bubble Yum Relay
2. Flower Power
3. Open Syllable Word Count, Sort & Write
4. Open Syllable Cut, Sort & Glue 
5. Open Syllable Count & Divide
6. First or Last Syllable Open?
7. Fill Up the Jar
8. I Spy
10. First or Last Syllable Open Picture Sort
11. Hear, Write & Draw
12. Open Syllable Booklets
13. Dominoes
14. Try Spelling/Draw & Spell
15. Move the Cow to the Barn