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Intermediate Word Work Expanding Bundle...It's a STEAL on sale!

As my moniker suggests, I am truly wild about words!  In an effort to immerse my students in ongoing word exploration, I have developed weekly word work units that engage students in whole group, small group, and independently through a combination of instructional strategies including cooperative learning.  Each unit focuses on a very large word that can be broken into smaller focus families enabling the teacher to explicitly address difficult word patterns, affixes, roots, and more.  A 5-day unit looks something like this:

  1. Students develop their word list using manipulated letters and contextual clues that are already prepared.  (Usually this is done with partners, small group, or independently.)
  2. Introduce the list and echo read.  Students compare their list to the actual list, fill in any blanks, and make corrections. "Brainstorm" additional words in contest form...we LOVE anagrams!
  3. Choral reading of the list.  Explicit whole group instruction focusing on sorting and identifying word families, expanding the focus families, and adding to word wall.
  4. Timed reading of the list.  Cooperative review activity.  
  5. Assessment.
Each list offers a 5-day plan and suggestions for weekly implementation and includes everything you need, ready to print out.  Once you've done a week or two, the kids are hooked and so are you!  Before you know it, they will be bringing you new and bigger words to be their future week's list, and that is actually where this huge project started for me!  

There are currently 19 available units (check out this spreadsheet for focus family information on each family) but more are being added each month.  There will be a minimum of 35 units once the whole unit is complete.  I have created an expanding bundle which allows you to purchase all 19 units for a discounted price AND gives you access to all future units at NO CHARGE!  I simply update the file, notify you in the updates section, and you've got access to the new units easy as pie.  Individually, the units are $2, but the expanding bundle is available for $33, which during the sale (28% with my 20% discount and TPT's 10%)  will be a steal at $23.76!  Take advantage now---I have two new units to add next week and the price will go up.  

Stay wild!

KB Konnected TpT Cyber Sale and Freebies!


Are you ready for the big TpT Cyber Sale? I am. I've added lots of new clip art products in the past few weeks. Stop by my KB Konnected TpT store and check them out. $ave! Most of my clip art collections include color and line art. I am showing just a few below.
Click on any product to learn more and don't forget to pick up my two freebies "It's Snow Christmas" and "Hanging Stockings Page Divider".



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Inspirational Teaching Cards: Time to Bring Energy and Passion Back to Teaching!

If you are a teacher, and have days where you feel down or not appreciated, or if you are an administrator that is looking for a way to pick up your staff's morale, this resource is for you!

In the past few years, teachers have faced increasing pressure with new accountability measures put in place. While it is necessary to hold teachers and administrators to a high standard, it has been the way that these new initiatives have been rolled out, and the unnecessary pressures that the politicians, the public, and even administration have put on educators.

It is time to remind teachers of why they teach. It is time to make sure that teachers feel appreciated and feel like they are making a difference amid a cloud of scrutiny and blame. It is time to treat teachers like the professionals they are.

 Included in this resource are two sets of 50 cards- one set of 50 is on colored background and the other set is on white background. Both sets have the same inspirational sayings and/or quotes. We included both sets, so you can use what you prefer. These cards are meant to inspire and provide some helpful reminders to teachers. You can purchase them by clicking here.

Below are some examples of the cards you would receive. There are four cards to a normal 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, so the actual size is larger than below. 

Our goal is to help teachers realize how important they are to their students. No matter how difficult the times may be in education and teaching in general, we have to remember we are there for the children. That is why we teach!

Kindergarten Teachers Using Treasures... This one is for you!

Worksheets to accompany all 10 units 
and their focus sight words.  

SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "Industrialization and Immigration Sampler"

This great sampler includes my 3D Industrialization Powerpoint, Ellis Island Webquest, and Titanic Webquest. Save yourself time and money by buying this sampler pack. The powerpoint and webquests each take at least one class period to finish and are perfect for students in grades 5 through 12. A teacher answer sheet is included for each webquest and worksheet. Click on the links below to learn more about each of the lesson plans included in this sampler.

American Industrialization 3D PowerPoint

Ellis Island Webquest

Titanic Interactive Webquest
Total Pages
19 Pages and 56 Slides
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
3 Days


The History Wizard

Misc. Lesson - "Reindeer Clipart"

Created by: Elementary Creations
All Grades

These are 4 cute silly reindeers that can be used for any activity in the month of December.  I have included the BW set for a total of 8 graphics in all.  You can use my clipart for personal or commercial use.  I just ask that if you are distributing them for a fee in you product to please give credit back to my TPT store.  Please read my "Terms of Use".  All graphics are saved in a PNG format and have a high resolution for you to resize.  Come stop by my store and take a peek!

Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules
Something to Think About:  Since many students do not know
their multiplication tables, reducing fractions is almost an impossible
task. The divisibility rules, if learned and understood, can be an excellent math tool. The resource, Using Digital Root to Reduce Fractions, contains four easy to understand divisibility rules as well as the digital root rules for 3, 6, and 9. A clarification of what digital root is and how to find it is explained. Also contained in the resource is a dividing check off list for the student. Download the preview to view the first divisibility rule plus three samples from the student check off list.

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Weekly Classroom Organization”

by Mrs D’s Classroom
PreKindergarten - 12th Grade

Included in this freebie are editable, color-coded files to get your classroom organized! A lesson plan template, drawer labels, and classroom display pages are included in the zip file. (You will need the Excel program if you choose to edit.) 

The Monday through Friday pages can be used in a multitude of ways. I've laminated them and used them as dry erase pages to write homework on and calendar reminders for students. I have printed them in smaller versions for my own organizational purposes. The daily color band (blue, green, yellow, purple & orange) corresponds with other daily activities, such as math centers, I do in my classroom. Color-coding is a very easy thing for students and substitutes to follow!

Check out the notes I've included for more ideas of how to get yourself (and your students) organized today!

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Featured Seller - Amanda Trump

Tell us about yourself.
Right after high school, I found myself sitting in a classroom taking classes to be a teacher.  This was not anything I had planned, but five years later I found myself with a teaching degree. I have taught for 19 years in a variety of settings including homeschooling, regular education, and currently special education.  When I first began teaching, I taught as an elementary substitute teacher for a few years.  Then I came home, and taught my children for seven years until they graduated from high school.  During my children’s college years, I returned to teaching, and also I had the opportunity to return to college and earn my masters, tuition free, in special education.  Now I teach struggling kindergarten and first grade students reading and math and love it!
What do you like best about teaching?
I love teaching reading!   When these ‘little ones’ first come to my resource room, I assess the current skills, discover the gaps in their foundation [which are there for various reasons], and then we get to work. Usually, the least likely reason for learning gaps is not that they are not sharp enough to learn to read.  They are very sharp!  They just need someone to put some successful reading tools in the toolbox for them to use.  First, they have to learn to identify all the letters and corresponding sounds.  Then they learn to blend letters in the order they appear.  This is a really difficult skill for some students because they come to me with the idea that reading is a ‘guessing game.’  In reality that’s what reading has been for them because that’s how they have perceived reading since it was too much for them to figure out.  But I have found that my students learn to read simply by giving them intense one-on-one instruction, holding them accountable to reading the print as it actually appears on the page, and making it fun by playing games to teach the ‘reading rules.’  I begin teaching 'Reading Closed Syllables' first.  Closed Syllables make up about 50% of the English language. So if students master reading closed syllables, they have a great foundation upon which to begin reading. Typically, after about six months, they begin to enter the zone of reading, and when they do, it is so thrilling to see their awareness of a whole new world opening up to them. 
Describe your favorite TpT product.
My ‘Reading Syllable Types Bundle Packet’ is my favorite unit. This is a packet that I have wanted to put together for years, and when I heard about TpT, it gave me the incentive to do. This packet lays out six strategies to help students decode words.  These strategies are called syllable types, and there are six of them.  Learning each strategy/syllable type is a matter of the student looking around the vowel/vowels in a word to see what consonants are beside the vowel.  Once they learn that certain consonants around a vowel give a particular clue to that vowel’s sound, they are on their way to reading.  Through the process, they discover that reading is really simple, and it is a matter of them working to ‘break the code’ to reading. This packet lays out these six strategies in the most simplistic, systematic way giving a plethora of concrete examples.  
Link to TpT Product
What advice would you give to someone who may want to become a seller at Teachers Pay Teachers?
Don’t hesitate to get started!  At first it seems so overwhelming to know what to do, but take that plunge and do it one step at a time, and eventually you will prove it to yourself that you can do it.  It’s just a matter of you turning your great ideas into useful materials. If you have found an idea to be successful in your teaching, then other most likely will also.  Just begin sharing!
What have you done or hope to do with your TpT earnings?
I would like to have the opportunity to get financially fit and to give more to others. 
What do you like best about being a member of The Best of Teacher?
Since I personally don’t manage a blog, I like having a place to which I can post and advertise my materials.  It’s such a great opportunity Vicky has created for usJ
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Phonics for ELLs

Sort Them!

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Read Them!

November Newsletter from The Speechstress

I am deeply grateful to my fans for all your kind words, support, and feedback.

In the spirit of thanks, I'm making everything in the store 50% OFF from now until December 1st!

These make nice gifts for fellow SLPs and teachers!


Every month I send out a Fan Freebie in my TpT Note to Followers – a product that is free only to those who are following me on TpT. This month’s freebie is called BASIC CONCEPTS ASSESSMENT. If you were following me on 11/25/14, you should have a note in your TpT mailbox giving you the link to download this for free!

In case you missed them, I have 3 FREE products that came out within the past month! Check them out by clicking on the pics below!


By popular demand, WH–QUESTION BINGO now includes an ink-saving option! If you have already bought this product, simply download it again to access the new ink-saving version!

My Compare and Contrast: School Vocabulary was featured in The Best of SLPs on TpT Winter Catalog 2014! 



Starting December, each month I will choose one person who has left helpful feedback on TpT to get every product in my store for free!

A small group of us SLPs on TpT got together and decided to review each other's products to help spread the word about our very best materials. We're calling this collection of reviews "Five Star Reviews". 

Read my review of Preposition Mega Pack! by The Speech Space!

Follow the links at the bottom of the page to find out what else is on our must-have list!

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Thank you all again for your wonderful support!
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