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Congratulations to the Winners of the THREE $100 GIVEAWAYS of TpT Gift Certificates!



Congratulations to Kate for winning the FIRST $100 TpT Gift Certificate!

Congratulations to Hernan Giannini for winning the SECOND $100 TpT Gift Certificate!

Congratulations to Angie May Zappala for winning the THIRD $100 TpT Gift Certificate!

I always have my THREE $100 GIVEAWAYS of TpT Gift Certificates before the TpT Sitewide Sales and TpT Conferences.  

I also have other contests like our $100 PayPal CA$H Giveaway and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free Winter Word Families Short Vowel a Boom Cards Digital Practice”

by Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Provide the practice students need to master short vowel "a" word families with these free digital, engaging winter snowman Boom Cards.

This is a sample from my Winter Word Families Short Vowels Boom Cards deck that includes cards for all of the short vowel word families.

Prefer Google Slides? Click here to see the Google Slides version.

The interactive nature of the cards and fun winter theme keep students engaged; plus, Boom cards require NO PREP making them easy for you. Students simply access the Boom card deck on a laptop, desktop, iPad, smartphone, tablet, or interactive whiteboard and complete the word families cards.

Students love building the snowman on each card by first looking at the word family on the snowman (the word family is on the sign beside the snowman as well) and then dragging and dropping the 2 snowballs that have pictures of objects that belong to the word family to the snowman (dotted lines show students where to place the snowballs).

These cards are self-checking so students know right away whether they are correct.

If both snowballs are correct, students are automatically taken to the next card in the deck. If any snowball is incorrect, it will be moved back to the playing area and an “oops” sound will be heard. Students can then try again and move the correct snowball to the snowman and hit the Submit button again.

You receive 8 free Boom Cards for practicing the following short vowel a word families:

Short a: -at, -an, -ad, -ap, -ag, -am

Perfect for small group or whole group instruction, distance learning, literacy centers, winter party stations, assessment, morning work, extra practice, etc!

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are interactive, self-checking digital task cards that require NO PREP (no printing, cutting, or laminating required)!

They offer an easy way for teachers to assess important skills and a fun way for students to practice these skills.

They are perfect for whole group instruction on an interactive whiteboard or small group instruction, center activities, individual practice on an iPad, laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

New to Boom? Boom Cards live in the cloud. They can't be printed. They play on most modern browsers, Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires.

When you redeem your purchase, you open a Boom Learning account to play the cards (they are played on Boom to protect the children). You create Fast Play pins to assign your Boom Cards to students.

Boom Learning also has premium accounts. Premium accounts offer advanced assignment tools, individual and whole class performance tracking, and more. If you are a new Boom Learning customer, when you redeem your Boom Cards purchase you get a 90-day free trial of a premium account. When your trial ends, you can renew or move to a free account. You may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Free accounts use purchased Boom Cards with Fast Play pins.

If you do not subscribe at the end of your trial, you will be able to continue using Boom Cards with the Fast Play feature. Fast Play does not track individual progress.

Boom Cards play on modern browsers (released in the last three years) on interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets. Boom Cards apps are also available. Not sure if your browser is modern enough? Try a free Boom Cards deck first.

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My collection of Boom Cards


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Friday, December 30, 2022

FREE MATH LESSON - “Skip Counting By 1,000 (One Thousand)”

by The Teacher Treasury
3rd - 5th Grade

Section 1 Directions: Skip count by thousands to complete the patterns.

Section 2 Directions: Circle the answer that completes the pattern (multiple choice).

Section 3 Directions: Create your own patterns by skip counting by 1,000s.

Hope this helps =)

Skip Counting By 1,000 (One Thousand) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Wednesday Weekly 5 under $5 - 12/28/2022

Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

In addition, if you're a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) who would like to get more information about joining TBOTEMC, contact me via email at or by simply leaving a comment on this blog post.

Geometry Lines and Angles - $2.00

by My Creative Maths
4th - 7th Grades

The following are included and will really help your students when they are doing
Geometry: Anchor charts describing different Lines and Angles. 

Informational Text Set - Climate Change - $2.00

by A Teacher's Teacher
7th - 10th Grades

This six-passage text set is accompanied by an informational prompt regarding the topic of global warming. It's a great assignment to engage students and help them work on the skill of finding and citing information from the text provided, rather than relying on their own prior knowledge or feelings about the given topic.

Winter Clipart - Colorful Polar Bears - $2.00

by Be Ready to Teach Bilinguals
PreK - 12th Grades

Ready to Teach Bilinguals is offering this set of clipart related to colorful sets (WINTER THEMED). You´ll find 1 set of clipart (POLAR BEARS) in 12 different colors with lineart added.

Counting to 100 and Number Recognition Math Practice PowerPoint - $2.00

by My Kinder Garden
PreK - 2nd Grades

This Counting to 100 and Number Recognition Math Practice PowerPoint is fun and engaging and helps students learn to count to 100. This NO PREP math activity helps preschool, kindergarten, and all students alike with mastery of number recognition to 100.

The Civil Rights Movement Webquest * No Prep! * - $2.00

by The Secondary Sage
6th - 12th Grades

Martin Luther King, Jr... Malcolm X... Rosa Parks... From Selma to Montgomery... The Montgomery Bus Boycott... and more!

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Renee Heiss

All-American Teacher Tools
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FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “FREE Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” Speech”

by Denise Hill
5th - 12th Grade 

This is the full version of MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech." I'm sure there are a million creative ways to use speeches. I would love to hear how you plan to use this in your classroom. Comment below! :)

Make sure you check out other {Martin Luther King Jr Day Tools} available in my store!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Involving Enlish Learners in Classroom Discussions

Hello friends,

In this post, we’ll explore why it’s important to let your ESL students have a voice in class and offer some tips on how best to do that. Keep reading for more tips and tricks on including English Learners in classroom discussions!

Creating a classroom community where everyone feels respected and valued helps all students feel comfortable participating in class discussions. 

Think about how you respond when someone doesn’t answer your question right away. You might give them a nudge, or if they’re taking too long, you might just answer for them. It’s natural to do that—to help students who seem like they’re struggling.

When English language learners don’t immediately jump into a class discussion,

  • Do you give them time to think and formulate a response?
  • Do not start speaking for them.

Giving your ESL students time to respond is an important part of creating a classroom climate where everyone feels comfortable participating.

Another tip is to pose questions that allow for multiple responses.

For example, instead of asking, “What do you think?” try asking “What are your thoughts on…? or “Can you give me an example?”

Take Time to Listen!

Posing questions in this way will help ensure that all students have an opportunity to share their ideas.

Finally, be patient and take the time to listen to what each student has to say. Thank them for participating, even if their opinion doesn’t align with yours.

If you have English Language Learners in your classroom, it is important to take some extra steps to make sure they feel part of the class and are included in class discussions.

Following the tips above will help make sure all your students feel welcome and comfortable in your classroom.

Click here for more tips for ESL teachers!

Let’s Teach!


ESL Year Long Bundle
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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Teaching Ideas Week #2”

by Connie
6th - 12th Grade

Welcome, colleagues, to Week #2 of my free weekly Teaching Ideas. After the Week #1 poster, I realized that I not only wanted to suggest lesson and activity ideas each week, but also to share more information about each product, ergo I have opted to follow a newsletter format from now on. This allows me to add details to the summaries I put on TpT and in my blog posts on

These short articles share a casual conversational tone as the details give you all more insight into how each product will enhance your students' desire to learn as you attain your academic goals. Although the products are not free, the ideas regarding how to teach the summaries in this newsletter are. Enjoy browsing!

Week #2 includes:


Literary Analysis:



Vocabulary: This is a continuation from last week, because with 31 activities. it has so much to offer students and teachers.


Happy reading.

Enjoy a Teach It Now Day Every Day.


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