Monday, October 31, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free Vocabulary Games • Fortune Teller • Cootie Catcher”

by Just Add Students
3rd - 7th Grade

Your students will have fun practicing vocabulary with this free "vocabulary catcher" (fortune teller/cootie catcher). Eleven variations of the game -- perfect for quick practice during extra minutes of the day.

This resource includes:
• directions for eleven different games using the vocabulary catcher.
• three templates you can provide for your students -- the first one includes eight different activities for your students to do (act it out, draw it, etc.). Great opportunity for differentiation.

Have your students make multiple vocabulary catchers to provide a variety of words and fresh content to practice.

If you are unsure of how to fold and assemble fortune tellers, you can find video tutorials on YouTube.

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Happiness always♥

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Fourth Grade Science Study Guide and Test”

by Barnett's School House
4th Grade

This kit includes a test, study guide, one extended response question and a vocabulary word section. It goes along with the Science Grade 4 Harcourt latest edition book with the pink flamingo on the front. This is for Ch. 7 in the book and has been taught to meet Kentucky's science standard requirements. It is fully editable in Microsoft word format.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

CBI Community Based Instruction Is NOT A Field Trip!

3 Things You Must Know To Write A Legally Defensible Transition Plan Part 2 - The Community Based Instruction (CBI) Lesson Plan!

By: Special Education - Peggy Simpson

Community Based Instruction Plan

This is a continuation of my post from last Saturday on Transition Planning for Special Education Students.

Quick Overview:  (Here's a review of what I wrote for last week on #3 Independent Living for Special Education Students.)

"3) Independent Living (this includes the "Now" and the "Tomorrow").  This is a HUGE area!  I could write volumes on this but today I just want to touch on three areas/aspects that you need to have Community Based Training and Social Skills/Stories Lessons on.

a) Living Arrangements: Is the student staying at home?  Forever?  Is this reasonable?  Would a non-disabled student be staying with their parents forever?
b) Recreation and Leisure: Does the student know how to get to desired places/activities?  This is a big part of everyone's happiness and without this skill, life may not be as fulfilling as it could be for our students.
c) Personal and/or Social: Here's another biggie!  How and what type of social skills/narratives are you teaching?  Without proper social skill training our students will miss out on many opportunities to have success in life.  What about self-advocacy?  The list for the "soft" skills that need to be taught under this area are unlimited."

This week, I'll cover "why" you need Community Based Instruction Lesson Plans for Independent Living.

There are many reasons why you need  CBI Lesson plans.  For one, it's your proof that you have been taking the steps necessary to make sure that your student(s) are being given systematic instruction on how to "do" whatever it is that the IEP team (student included) thinks is important for transitioning to an adult.

Building off that point, you need to keep copies of your CBI plans to make sure that if you are ever questioned by the parents, administration, and/or advocates (about your part in making sure the transition plan had appropriate community based instruction) you have evidence that whatever you say occurred, actually occurred.  First Rule of Special Education - if it's NOT WRITTEN DOWN (OR RECORDED SOME WAY), IT NEVER HAPPENED. (Remember from my last post, that you need to keep stuff for at least three years after the student graduates as you can be asked to provide information on how you made sure that the student was working towards their transition goals?)  You can be asked for proof at any time, but normally you are clear after three years post graduation from high school.  Again, I'm not a lawyer and it may well differ with your state/district - so ask your school's legal team (or administration).

Think of the CBI lesson plan as your "assessment" and remember "assessment" drives instruction!

Also remember, as the teacher - YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE INSTRUCTION.  That boils down to "ANYTHING THAT GOES WRONG IS YOUR FAULT." It is unrealistic and unfair, but the expectation is prevalent in our teaching culture; so be aware!

So "what" should the Community Based lesson plan include?

It should include the "hopes," "dreams," and "interests" of the student.  Let's say that your student wants to work in retail.  You should task analysis all the steps/parts (and you'll be surprised at how many there are) needed to successfully implement this goal.

Think about it.  You need a student to have basic hygiene (no one wants a smelly worker).  You need basic travel skills (walking safety, riding the bus by yourself, and basic direction/navigation skills).  This could take years to successfully implement/complete.  Then, you have the behavior at the job site.  Does the student steal, take too long in the work bathroom, tantrum, scream, or hit?  While this doesn't preclude the student from working at their "dream" job (and should NEVER be used as an excuse for not implementing a transition plan goal) it is the teacher's responsibility to be in charge of the "learning/instruction" that needs to take place to get the student closer and closer to their "dream."

Will you always succeed?  Probably not, but EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN!  That means you set up an environment where the student is making progress towards the goal all the times.  You are always looking at what the "end product" of the CBI Lesson will be, while chipping away at it inch by inch.

Make sure your CBI lesson plan has a part where you practice in the classroom and then in the community.  If you are never allowed in the community, you are not offering the student an opportunity to "generalize."  Here's one of my stories on "why" you have to be in a real setting to make transition plans work:
"I had a student that loved Pepsi and hot fries.  Everything worked around getting those two highly desired items.  All classwork, and job site experience centered around getting those two products.  We worked with the student for a year.  Mobility training, safety signs, resume writing, work checklist social story training, don't stay in the work bathroom and play training, etc., etc.  By the end, the student was very successful.  At this point, not thinking about "real-life" experiences needing to be taught in the classroom and then generalized to "real-life" experiences, the team decided it was time to teach "banking" skills.  So, we worked through all the steps again (mobility, bus tokens, safety, how to fill out a deposit slip, etc.)  What happened when we actually went to a bank?  My student did everything perfectly until he reached the teller (who was behind plastic/glass).  Making wonderful eye contact with the teller, he gave her his check and deposit slip and proudly requested, "A Pepsi and Large Hot Fries please!"

Moral of the story:  If your school thinks they can have a successful transition plan that never leaves the campus they are wrong.  Real life needs real life experiences and we won't always be there for our students; thus, time is precious - use it wisely because when it runs out, you don't get another chance with that student.

To all the hard working SPED and Transition Teachers (and ALL Teachers) out there - Have a Wonderful Halloween!

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Write the Room - November”

by Kindergarten is Grrreat
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Write the Room activity to use in literacy centers, writing time, or for word work. Students write words in the room that start with the same letter. For my higher students - I have them write a word and then use it in a sentence.

Words Included: Pilgrims, Turkey, Feast, Mayflower

Clip Art from:

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Friday, October 28, 2016


by Doodles and Kreations
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Use this adorable mini book to help students remember the things that they should be thankful for during the holiday season. 

As per our copyright law, please only use in ONE classroom. 
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Doodles and Kreations

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


by Lisa Pagano
3rd - 12th Grade

"Table Texting" is a fun, interactive strategy you can use with any piece of text or topic. The key is to pose a higher-level question that encourages thinking among students. Students respond to the question in writing. The teacher or facilitator collects the papers and redistributes them. Students get to read other responses and reply. The process continues until all of the speech bubbles are completed. At the end, students get to read their classmates' responses. I have used this with success with my gifted students in grades 4 and 5. This can easily be adapted using any literary selection or subject.

This product includes the "Table Texting" template with teacher directions and suggested follow up activities.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween, no-prep early literacy activities!

Fun Halloween, no-prep early literacy activities!  

It's nearly Halloween, and if you teach beginning readers and writers, kindergarten or first grade, it I've got some fun Halloween, no-prep early literacy activities and links to share with you!

Reading Buddy Activities:
1) Have your students make a Halloween card for their Reading Buddies - provide black construction paper and chalk for those who want to make ghosts, and seasonal color choices for others. A print-and-go card, and printables for the next activity have been added to The Reading Buddies Starter Pack (a free update for those who already own it!)

2) Halloween Guessing Game: Talk to your students about how to give clues about their Halloween costume, without actually giving it away. The Reading Buddy 'detectives' can share clues with each other, then make predictions prior to Halloween. Clues can recorded if you choose, or just discussed. Franklin's Halloween is a great mentor text for this activity, and for another one coming up!

If you have purchased this Sight-Word-Stages Reader, Halloween Things, or any of the Bundles it comes in, you already have this cut and paste activity for the sight word 'the'! Fun tip for use: copy the page with the letter / word tiles in orange!

If you have purchased this Sight-Word-Stages Reader, Halloween Count, or any of the Bundles it comes in, you already have this cut and paste sorting activity for the sight words 'one'and 'two'! Fun tip for use: copy the page with the letter / word tiles in various seasonal colors!

Text to self connection with 3 part graphic organizer #Halloween

If you have been following me for a while, you may have read my post about The Flexibility of 3-part Graphic Organizers. The Franklin stories by Canadian author Paulette Bourgeois, illustrated by Brenda Clark, is a favorite of mine and I often use them in my teaching.
I have just updated all three versions of the Fall Readers and Activities Bundles (that contain Halloween Sight-Word-Stages Reader / Writing sets pictured above, Halloween Fluency Reader with math activity, and more) to include the Halloween organizers shown here, along with other fall-themed organizers.

    Halloween playlists for kids on ThatFunReadingTeacher.com

Ready for a break? The kids will be too. Have them rotate to a quiet time at the computer to listen to someone read them a Halloween story, learn a song or two. English language learners may pick up some Halloween vocabulary in a short video to use socially later on.

I leave you with this thought...

  If teachers had fairy godmothers

 ...and wishes for a Happy Halloween, my friends.

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREEBIE ~ I Am Thankful Lists ~ Thanksgiving ~ Gratitude ~ Giving Thanks”

by Teacher Karma
Kindergarten - 6th Grade

FREE I Am Thankful Lists has two inspiring lists that will be beneficial for your classroom during this Thanksgiving and holiday season.

*Included in this freebie:

~List of picture books for inspiring students to be thankful and grateful
~Student handout: My Top 10 Thankful List

***This free product is part of a full-download product, I Am Thankful Journal Kit***

If this product is a good fit for you, please keep reading below:


The information below describes the paid product that this freebie comes from. {I Am Thankful Journal}

I Am Thankful Journal Kit

You will find differentiating for your students a snap with this writing kit. I have included journals that have pre-written thankful prompts, as well as blank journals for students that are able to create their own topics for writing. These journals will work for any grade level.

Your students will have the opportunity to practice the following writing skills:

*Idea development
*Organize ideas
*State an opinion
*Include details to describe thoughts and feelings
*Focus on a topic
*Demonstrate command of writing conventions
*Demonstrate vocabulary knowledge


Included in this writing download:

*5 different journal covers to choose from:
~girl version
~boy version
~owl pilgrim boy and girl version
~Banner version
~Journal style version
*Thankful book list to use during mini-lessons / read alouds
*Mini Journals are 7 pages long, but only use 4 sheets of paper
*Journal pages include a place to add writing, illustrations, and labeled tabs
*Writing topics included in the I Am Thankful Journals:
~I am thankful for my family because...
~I am thankful for my school because...
~I am thankful for my friends because...
~I am thankful for my community because...
~I am thankful for my home because...
~I am thankful for __________ {blank}
*Entire set of blank journal papers that are appropriate for advanced writers or older students
*Thankful Journal Writing Checklist
*My Top 10 Thankful List handout
*Teacher tips


If you are not already following me, I would LOVE for you to join me! I love giving away FREEBIES to my followers. Please take a moment to review my work and give me feedback. It keeps me inspired to make more products for you and your students!


For additional WRITING PRODUCTS:

I Am Thankful Journal Kit

Thanksgiving Writing Centers

Fall Writing Centers






Thank you for checking out TEACHER KARMA. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns with this product. 

Best wishes!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Ladybug (insects) Original Addition & Subtraction Songs with Lessons”

by Marcelle's KG Zone
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

This package consists of 2 lesson plans, printables, and visual tools that deal with ladybug and the concept of addition/subtraction. 

NOTE: I graded this tools PRE-KG to Grade 1 because the songs can simply be used for oral language learning with very young students and the concepts of addition/subtraction can be simplified.

This mini lessons Freebie is an extract from my 

INSECTS MEGA TEACHING UNIT and I am presenting it here free for you to enjoy this spring.

I hope you like this FREEBIE! Feedback is not required but is highly appreciated :)

Please, if there are any concerns, comments or suggestions, contact me at
I do my best and strive for positive ratings so please contact me with any concerns.

I POST FREEBIES REGULARLY and have several posted in my store under the category "free resources so please help yourself to some of those as well!"

Comparing Polar and Brown Bears Science lessons FREEBIE


Happy Teaching

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Advanced English Bell Ringers - Entire Semester
Advanced English Bell Ringers is perfect for Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, Honors English, or College Prep English classes. This versatile set can be used as bell ringers, rotating stations, task cards, homework assignments, mini-lessons, or however you wish! They can be used with or without interactive notebooks. These bell ringers were designed to use less paper as each student page contains anywhere from 2 to 10 tasks to cut apart and hand out to students. Moreover, all 90 tasks come in an editable PowerPoint so that you can change anything you want, and this file has the tasks enlarged in case you want to project them with a digital presenter rather than print them. Let's not forget the best part: ANSWER KEY INCLUDED. You can't go wrong with this set because it is so flexible. 

The following topics are covered in this set. Not only are the terms explained, but students will have to apply these topics as they analyze, infer, apply, think, create, and write. For instance, after students learn different rhetorical strategies, they will have to find those strategies in short passages. Students will also study the effect of rhetorical strategies on the reader. Students will learn so much from these tasks!

Connotation and denotation
Variety for the word “said”
Loose and periodic sentences
Parallel structure
Subjective and objective description
Homograph, homophone, palindrome
Dramatic, verbal, and situational irony
Logos, pathos, ethos

Red herring fallacy
Ad hominem
Guilt by association
Post hoc argument
False analogy
Straw man
False delimma
Slippery slope, 

Figurative language: 

Incorporating quotes
12 comma rules
Context clues
Participle phrases

Make it easy on yourself this semester and use these adaptable bell ringers with your upper level students or with any students you want to challenge. 

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Thanksgiving Activities Free”

by Cherry Workshop
Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Thanksgiving Activities Free 
Autumn Activities

This is a free sample of some of my Thanksgiving Activities.
These free Thanksgiving Activities come from the following 3 sets I have in my store:
Thanksgiving No Prep Pack for Kindergarten Math and ELA
Thanksgiving Vocabulary Worksheets for ANY Word List {DIY Games Included)
Thanksgiving Writing Paper

Included in this free thanksgiving activities set are:
Thanksgiving Writing Page - draw and write.

Thanksgiving Math pages - Measure With Acorns, Skip Counting


Thanksgiving Vocabulary Pages you can use with ANY Word List - Roll and write your word in the color you get, to make feathers for the turkey. Kids may use to practice one word, use a word list or you can even use it with Thanksgiving write the room activities. 


Happy Teaching!

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Word Family Center Sheet (K-1)”

by Dang's Digs
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

This is a quick and easy tool to put in centers or even use as morning work. Hope you and your students enjoy:)

Happy Learning!

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