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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Yes or No: Answering questions FREEBIE (Special Education & Autism Resource)”

by Mrs Ps Specialties
Kindergarten - 9th Grade

This set will help you systematically teach, assess and target generalizing the ability to correctly answer yes or no questions with students. Students will learn to answer yes or no questions and will have a variety of ways to demonstrate and practice their skills.

Click to get the whole set ►► Yes or No: Answering Questions


• Blank data sheet for recording progress on yes or no questions.

• 12 yes or no question cards with visuals. Students will be shown a picture card and asked a related yes or no question.

• 8 yes or no clip cards with photos and clip art

• Yes or no sorting mat with 4 interchangable questions. For each question, there are 12 sorting cards with photos and clip art.

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Digital Frames - FREE Earth Day Frames and Blurbs”

by ZippadeeZazz
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

This set includes:

• 5 Earth Day frames.

• 2 Earth Day blurbs.

• High quality 300 dpi files in .png format.

• Personal and Commercial use.



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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

ESL Math Vocabulary

Consider common English words that may have more than one meaning when it comes to math or the use of prepositions, plus the general math vocabulary that can be a challenge too. Read on for more details on how to teach ESL math vocabulary with different math strategies to support the English Language Learners in your classroom.

Common English Words in Math

ESL students may have knowledge of a variety of new-to-them English words but throw in a new context and the challenge increases. So first let’s look at the many English words that have totally new meanings when used in Math. Here are just a few:

  • positive and negative
  • times
  • cone
  • mean
  • net
  • bring down
  • area
  • face
  • plane
  • tree

Students might have an understanding of these terms in general ways but it is still essential to take a moment before each lesson to review your plans for such vocabulary. Take a look at the Math-specific vocabulary you are using in your lesson. Identify which words you want to point out and make sure to explain each one for its new context. For example, students should think ‘multiplication’ when a word problem uses words like times, every, double, and per. Practice multiplication and build Math fact fluency in your classroom with Multiplication Timed Tests Bundle – Factors 0 – 12. This easy no-stress way is everything you need for multiplication practice and to assess your students’ basic facts in multiplication all year long!

Focusing on ESL math vocabulary requires specific math strategies for the ESL students in your classroom. This includes an ESL teacher tip about what words have new meaning in math lessons for k-5 students.

Maintaining a list of such words for yourself and for students will help to raise the flag when these words arise as your math lessons continue. For additional ways to teach vocabulary (and more) in your ESL classroom check out this post.


Make a point to teach, explain, review and practice prepositions. Prepositions can signal the operation in a word problem since the role of a preposition is to express a relationship with the noun or clause in the statement. As part of your ESL math vocabulary plans, make sure your ELLs understand these important words in Math:

  • by
  • with 
  • to
  • into
  • from
  • and more!


All students benefit from using a Math Vocabulary Journal, but it is an essential math strategy for the ELLs in your Math classes to have an ESL Math Vocabulary Journal. 

Before each unit, present the ESL Math vocabulary that will be used in that unit. Pre-teaching math content words and using a math journal will set your ELL students up for success.


Don’t forget word parts that are key to the meanings of the words you use in your math lessons. A review or refresh lesson when these prefixes are included in a lesson is ideal as part of your approach to ESL math vocabulary. 

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. bi- meaning two or twice
  2. tri- meaning three or three times
  3. poly- meaning many
  4. oct- meaning eight
  5. gon meaning a shape that has a specific number of angles or sides (e.g. octagon is a shape with eight angles or sides)
Teacher tip for ESL students in your classroom that works as a math strategy is to use math vocabulary journals

Passive Voice

Many ELLs are unaccustomed to hearing and understanding the passive voice, yet many math word problems use it. The word ‘by’ gives a clue to the passive. In the passive voice, the action is performed on the subject. ELLs have problems understanding statements such as: seven multiplied by 6. Another math strategy is to point out and explain the passive voice to your students when it occurs in math word problems. 

Check out these 6 games that focus on regular past tense of -ed verbs. This series of games can serve as background for the ESL students in your classroom so they’re more comfortable with passive voice.


The Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students: A Supplemental Resource to the K-12 Mathematics Standards of Learning Enhanced Scope and Sequence from the Virginia Department of Education indicates that in order to understand mathematics, students must “know which mathematical operations are associated with specific words.” 

Some of the main ESL math vocabulary terms that students should know include a variety of words that are synonymous with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equal. 

Here’s a list that can help you get started with your ELL students:

Addition: add, plus, and, combine, sum, total of, more than, increased by, greater than

Subtraction: subtract, minus, less, less than, fewer than, decreased by, difference, lower, take away, from, shorter

Multiplication: multiply, times, product, as a factor, twice, double, triple, groups of

Division: divide, divided by, quotient, separated into equal groups, shared equally, over, into, how many groups

Equal: is, are, result, make

You can check out quick lists from that can support more of your lesson preparations.

This is just the start of ways that you can help your English language learners excel in Math! Additional supports for ESL math vocabulary and so much more can be found in this K-5 year-long ESL curriculum mega bundle. Happy Teaching!


ESL Teacher tips all about math strategies for ESL math vocabulary for k-5 students who are ELLs in your classroom.

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “I Like Seasons Book Template”

by Mizell Multiage
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

A cute way to teach the seasons. Each page has the starter of "I Like _____ because". Students will write why they like that season. They can also draw a picture to go with their writing.

A student example is provided. Students cut out the template and glued it to construction paper folded in half. We then glued the pages together and made a book. Great keepsake!

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Wednesday Weekly 5 under $5 - 3/29/2023


Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

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Whole Body Listening Lesson for Kids - Classroom Management Strategies - $4.99

by All Therapy Resources 
PreK - 2nd grades 
Worksheets, Activities, Posters

The purpose of this SEL lesson is to examine the concept of whole body listening, which plays a crucial role in helping children succeed academically and socially. Whole body listening enhances focus, memory retention, empathy, and emotional intelligence. By the conclusion of the lesson, students will have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the principles of whole body listening. This lesson includes worksheets, activities, scenario cards, posters and much more.

Sentence Patterns Grammar Worksheets | Spring and Easter | Print | Digital - $4.00

by Charlene Tess
9th - 12th grades
Activities, handouts, EASEL

Good writers vary their sentence patterns by sometimes placing phrases or clauses at the beginning of their sentences. The twenty spring and Easter-themed sentences in this exercise all begin with the subject and the verb.  Teach your students to rewrite sentences without changing their meaning to achieve sentence variety. At the same time, they will be reminded of things that are associated with spring and Easter.

99 Sight Words Flash Cards & Bonus Words that align with the Science of Reading - $3.75

by Primarily Learning
K - 1st grades
Homeschool Curricula, Activities, Printables

Help your children learn to read with confidence with these 99 Sight Words Flash Cards! Not only are they easy to use... they also come with a variety of suggested activities to let your child interact and learn. Plus, they also include number and color words for even more learning opportunities.

Easter Bunny CVC Words BOOM Cards™ $3.00

by Kamp Kindergarten
K - 1st grades

Every bunny will love this engaging Easter themed CVC Words spring BOOM Cards™ phonics deck. Little learners select the correct CVC Word on the bunnies’ tummies for the picture on the shrub. Boom Cards™ are exciting, interactive, and fun! They are great for fast finishers, learning stations, technology specials classes, extra practice, RTI, and informal assessment.

by All-American Teacher Tools
4th - 8th grades
PowerPoint Presentations, Cultural Activities

This PowerPoint presents the eight geographic areas of India with a brief description, location, and representative pictures.  Pair this with my project-based learning unit on the history of ancient India.  See the link at this resource. 

As always, I encourage comments and any ideas or suggestions by emailing me at

Renee Heiss

All-American Teacher Tools
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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Earth Day Art & Literacy Activity”

by The Illustrated Classroom
4th - 8th Grade

Earth day free activity. With this printable, kids make an Earth Day greeting card with a unique planet earth character. There's over a hundred possible combinations. Every student can make a unique character!

After they are finished making the character, my students write an Earth Day message inside the card. I included some suggestions and notes to scaffold the writing activity.

You can also omit the writing portion of the assignment and have students make the character as an art project.

Earth Day Free Card Template
Earth Day Free Writing Paper
Step by step instructions with photos
Writing Suggestions

For a closer look at this this Earth day free activities printable, check out the free preview.

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