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QR CODE:Freebie

QR CODE:Freebie has four pages and each page is a sample from my QR CODES{2-digit Addition With Aliens,3-digit Subtraction With Birds,Two-digit Subtraction With Owls,3-digit Addition In Space}.This product contains 16 task cards for practicing addition and subtraction .

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Language Arts - Social Studies Cross-Curricular Lesson

Grades 4-6 and Homeschool
Sarah Peterson
Hands On History

High Interest Reading Passages!
Cross-Curricular Lesson Plan!

This lesson is great for History as well as Language Arts
Includes 8 reading passages that can be used for close-reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer



This product contains 8 one-page reading passages covering Kings, Queens, the Feudal System, the Coronation, well-known kings and queens, nobles, clergy, peasants and serfs.  Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

When people think of the middle ages, they frequently envision Kings and Queens living in castles; knights who fought for their lords or for their religion; and peasants, working the fields and doing manual labor.  All of these images are accurate and they were all part of a system known as the “Feudal System.” 

This is one lesson in a series of “Medieval Career Lesson Plans.”

Reading Passages:
8 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

·        The Feudal System
·        Becoming King; Becoming Queen
·        The Coronation
·        Qualities and Abilities of Royalty
·        Famous Medieval Kings
o   William the Conqueror
o   Richard I
o   King John
·        Famous Medieval Queens
o   Matilda of Flanders
o   Eleanor of Aquitaine
·        Other Classes of the Feudal System

This product includes the following classroom activities:
Ø Job Application
Ø Feudalism Pyramid
Ø Worksheet: “Kings, Queens and Feudalism”
Ø Coloring Pages
Ø Feudal System Role-Playing Activity
Ø Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
Ø Suggested Books

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500 Follower Giveaway

Just reached 450 followers on TpT! Yay! 
Planning a giveaway when I reach 500! To enter, please comment below with what you like best about Rainbow City Learning's products and your follower number. Already a follower, just comment with your favorite product from RCL and why it's your favorite! For an extra entry, tell me what new product ideas you'd like to see in Rainbow City Learning! 


Included is a foldable on Probability. This is a great study guide or graphic organizer for any grade level learning about Probability. I have included step by step instructions that can be projected on the white board so that students can easily follow along. Your students will love making this foldable!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

QR CODE Two-digit Subtraction With Owls

QR CODE Two-digit Subtraction With Owls contains 32 task cards.Each task card has a subtraction problem and students can solve these problems using 2 answer sheets and then scanning the QR code to check their answer.
This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing two-digit subtraction.

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Mother's Day Printables and Projects That Kids Can Make!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what special but simple gift can I have my students make for their moms? 
When I think back to when my own children were in elementary school, I still remember all the little gifts from the heart that I received. In fact, I still have many of them all these years later. Among the collection of school keepsakes, I notice at their little painted hand prints, handmade flowers, poems about love, and pictures of them of all different shapes and sizes, my eyes still start to fill with tears. Because it’s not the gifts themselves that really matter, it’s the emotions that they stir up about a time when my two, now grownup children, were once little. It’s the memory of them calling me “mama” and handing me a poorly wrapped gift. “Open it! Open it!” they say prancing from foot to foot hardly able to contain their excitement.
Now, there comes a time in a mom’s life when she realizes how incredibly fast time has passed and now her children are all grown up.  But it’s all those little moments and special memories that we as moms will never forget. So if you’re a teacher who has her or his students make something special for their moms, THANK YOU! Please know that it means so much and will for many years to come. As a teacher myself, I know it can be time consuming and daunting at times to prepare little craftivities for all the holidays but this is one mom who is sincerely thankful for all those little heartfelt cards, poems, and crafts.
Every year, I seem to ask myself what should I have my students make that will be treasured yet not cost me a fortune? If you’re in the same boat as me then this Mother’s Day Printables Craftivity Pack is just for you! For a limited time it's on sale for only $3.00!

It’s Everything You Need to Create Lovable Crafts to Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Just print, cut out, color, glue, and fold and they are ready to go home and make Moms everywhere shed tears of joy! Some pages are with color graphic and some are in black and white ready for students to color!

Over 25 pages offering a variety of printable crafts for kids to personalize including:
*I Love You to Pieces Photo Puzzle Project with Templates
*4 Flower Cutout Designs
*2 Love Notes & Envelope
*7 Cute Card Designs
*All About Mom Posters 
*4 Black and White Quotable Coloring Pages!

I Love You to Pieces Puzzle Project
One of my favorite Mother’s Day Projects that my class made last year was the “I Love You to Pieces Picture Puzzle Frame.” The template is included in the about Mother’s Day Printables Craftivity Pack.

1. Have students cut out the puzzle pieces and MOM letters included in this pack.  Color them if using the blank templates or use real puzzle pieces as shown in sample below.
2. Take a picture of each student. I had the students practice holding a heart shaped hands over their heart before actually taking the picture.
 3. Print photo and place photo in the center of cardstock, matte board, or foam board. You can purchase colored foam board from Walmart or Michael’s inexpensively. Carefully cut into 5x7 pieces with a craft knife.
4. Decorate with puzzle pieces. Be creative with the puzzle pieces by turning them in different directions if desired. Add “MOM” letters above photo or down the side of the frame.
5. Glue puzzle pieces and photo onto foam board, matte board, or cardstock, or black construction paper.
6. Have students cut out “I Love You to Pieces” quote template or write it on the front or back of puzzle frame.
7.  Have students sign their name. We had just been learning cursive so I had them write in their best cursive.
8. Attach a ribbon (or magnet) on the backside so Mom can hang it.

9. Have fun! Add glitter, painted hand print, or cutout flowers to decorate and embellish!

Happy Mother's Day!


Transformations Foldable
Included is a transformation foldable on dilations, rotations, reflections, and translations. This is a great hands on activity where students create a foldable that they can use to study the concepts. 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

QR CODE 3-digit Subtraction With Birds

QR CODE 3-digit Subtraction With Birds contains 32 task cards.Each task card has a subtraction problem and students can solve these problems using 2 answer sheets and then scanning the QR code to check their answer.

This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing 3-digit subtraction.

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Algebraic Terms - Finding the GCF and the LCM

I tutor math at the college where I teach. Many of those students have been confused on how to find the greatest common factor for a set of algebraic terms. Having an elementary background, I introduce them to a factor tree which, believe it or not, many have never seen.

From my experience, when just a rule is given by an instructor, often times, students get lost in the mathematical process. I have found that utilizing a visual can achieve an understanding of a concept better than just a rule. A Venn Diagram is such a visual and helps students to follow the process and understand the connection and relationship between each step of finding the GCF (greatest common factor) and LCM (least common multiple).

It's important to always begin with the definitions for the words:
factor, greatest common factor and least common multiple. If a student doesn't know the vocabulary, they can't do the work! I continue by explaining and illustrating what a factor tree is (on your left) and how to construct and use a Venn Diagram as a graphic organizer.

Let's suppose we have the algebraic terms of 75xy and 45xyz. I have the students construct factor trees for each of the numbers as illustrated on the left.

Then all the common factors are placed in the intersection of the two circles. In this case, it would be the 5 and the xy. 

The students then put the remaining factors and variables in the correct big circle. Five and three would go in the left hand circle and the three 2’s and the z would be placed in the right hand circle.

The intersection is the GCF; so, the GCF for 75xy and 40xyz is 5xy.   To find the LCM, multiply the number(s) in the first big circle by the GCF (numbers in the intersection) times the number (s) in the second big circle.

5 × 3 × GCF × 2 × 2 × 2 × z = 15 × 5xy × 8z = 240. The LCM is 600xyz

This method is applicable and helpful in algebra when students are asked to find the LCM or GCF of a set of algebraic terms such as: 25xy, 40xyz. (LCM = 200xyz; GCF = 5xy) or when they must factor out the GCF from a polynomial such as 6x2y+ 9xy2. Using a Venn Diagram is also an effective and valuable tool when teaching how to reduce fractions. 

Finding GCF and LCM

Are you interested in finding out more about this method?  Then download my newest free resource entitled: Algebraic Terms and Fractions - Finding the Greatest Common Factor and the Lowest Common Multiple Using a Venn Diagram.


This is a great activity for students learning the probability and likelihood of an event occurring.
Students will:
• Cutout the probability events.
• Determine the probability of each event.
• Glue the cutouts according to likelihood.

I have included step by step instructions for students. It makes it a lot easier for students to complete tasks when the instructions are projected on the Smart Board / White Board. Don't miss out on this fun activity!

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The Beauty of Interactive Notebooks


By Laurane Rae@TeachToTell
Grades 3-6

Interactive notebooks templates are so versatile! Other than sharing in the commonality of being a printable with the humble worksheet, they serve to greatly economize on space.

For instance, you can scaffold teaching and learning effectively.

You can have prompts on the cover tabs followed by responses under these tabs.

Here I've scaffolded the structure of different poem types. Students can look at the prompts and follow along when writing their own poems.

They serve as excellent graphic organizers and effectively target kinesthetic learners with all the cutting and gluing:  active hands = active minds.

Great for Compare and Contrast features too.

And above all anything in an Interactive Notebook looks appealing!

It's all in this bundle!

Laurane Rae

Monday, April 27, 2015

QR CODE 3-digit Addition In Space

QR CODE 3-digit Addition In Space contains 32 task cards.Each task card has an addition problem and students can solve these problems using 2 answer sheets and then scanning the QR code to check their answer.
This product is appropriate for reviewing and reinforcing 3-digit addition with regrouping and without regrouping.

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