Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fraction Vocabulary Fun ❤️

Are you on the lookout for innovative ways to boost your students’ understanding of fractions and fraction vocabulary while making math lessons exciting and engaging? Look no further! We’re thrilled to introduce our dynamic Fraction Vocabulary Games and Activities, including a Math Word Wall for Fractions, designed to transform your classroom into a captivating math haven.

Fraction Vocabulary Games 

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The kid-friendly and eye-catching design of the fraction vocabulary cards not only adds flair to your classroom walls but also serves as a visual aid to reinforce learning. Each card is thoughtfully illustrated to provide context, making it easier for students to connect words with their meanings.

But this resource doesn’t stop at static word wall cards. We’ve taken it a step further by including a collection of 7 engaging math games and activities specifically tailored to reinforce fraction concepts. These games are perfect for math centers, group activities, or individual practice, fostering active participation and hands-on learning.

Math Vocabulary Cards for Fractions:

Our resource is perfect for elementary students in grades 2-5 and includes 15 meticulously curated fraction words and definitions, ensuring that your students grasp fundamental concepts effortlessly. The carefully selected fractions math vocabulary cards integrate student-friendly definitions with rich information about the concept.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Instructions for Each Game
  • Activity Blackline Masters

With easily differentiated options, they fit a variety of math learners! Whether you’re a teacher working with diverse abilities, following state or national guidelines, or simply seeking to enhance your math curriculum and math strategies, our Math Word Wall for Fractions and engaging math games will seamlessly integrate into your lesson plans.


  • Enhanced Comprehension: The immersive word wall experience promotes a deeper understanding of fraction concepts, empowering students to tackle math problems with confidence.
  • Gamified Learning: Transform mundane math lessons into thrilling experiences with our interactive math games. Watch as your students eagerly participate and absorb complex ideas effortlessly.
  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly incorporate this resource into your existing curriculum.

Invest in Engaging Math Education Today!

Elevate your classroom environment and revolutionize math learning with our Math Word Wall for Fractions and accompanying math games. Make math vocabulary a breeze to learn and fractions a joy to understand. Unlock your students’ mathematical potential and set them on a path to success. Don’t miss out—grab this essential resource now!

Unlock your students’ mathematical potential and set them on a path to success. Don’t miss out—grab this essential resource now!

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Free Social Story My Way is OK for Students in Inclusion Settings”

by Susan Berkowitz
2nd - 12th Grade

This is a 22 page booklet for special education students who spend time in general education classes. It reminds students who are included in general education classes that is it ok if they need to do things differently from their peers, and helps them to feel ok about the modifications and accommodations that are made for them.

The pages can be cut apart and bound into a small book.

It was originally written for a third grader who steadfastly refused to have modifications made for him or to do things differently from the rest of the class.

But he isn’t the only student I’ve seen who has had this response in a general ed class. So, I am hoping you may have a student who can benefit from this story, too.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wednesday Weekly 5 under $5 - 11/29/2023


Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

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Christmas Emergent Readers - Write, Add Vocabulary, Read & Spell 7 Sight Words - $3.09

by Primarily Learning
K - 1st grades
Homeschool Curricula, Activities, Centers

These Emergent Readers align with the Science of Reading, explore Christmas vocabulary & add a few sight words to read & write. Get these engaging Christmas Writing & Reading Emergent Readers for your students! Choose to cut, paste, write, draw, and/or color. Develop Reading Comprehension Skills.

Christmas Multiplication Bump Games | Christmas Math - $3.00

by Believe to Achieve by Anne Rozell
2nd - 4th grades
Printables, Games, Centers

Christmas Multiplication Bump Games are the perfect way to get your students excited about math and make learning multiplication facts fun! With one game per fact set from x2 to x12, there are 11 color games and 11 ink-saving black and white games. This highly versatile resource is great for differentiating your instruction, engaging the whole class, or providing dedicated math centers or sub tubs.
by Urbino12
11th - 12th grades
Cultural Activities

Students will read a cultural passage about Christmas traditions in Italy. They will then answer four questions about the informational text. Can easily be done as a Distance Learning activity, individually or in a classroom together as a class.

Charlotte's Web Bundle: Unique Strategies - $4.99

by Reading Spotlight
2nd - 5th grades
Activities, Assessment

A great gift to your students—a read-aloud of Charlotte’s Web, the greatest children’s book of the twentieth century, and still worthwhile today! Perfect for the long winter ahead, this bundle is overflowing with unique strategies based on reading research. It is still a fun read—the movie does not touch its power. 

by Scipi
4th - 6th grades
Activities, Handouts, Printables

These two Bible crossword puzzles for Christmas are designed to review and study the birth of Christ as recorded in the Bible. Both are free form crossword puzzles that feature 25 words with Scripture references. If an answer is unknown, the reference provides a way to find the answer while encouraging the students to use the Bible. 

As always, I encourage comments and any ideas or suggestions by emailing me at

Renee Heiss

All-American Teacher Tools

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FREE MISC. LESSON - “Free Winter Holiday Lessons By The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs MC - 2021”

by Victoria Leon
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Enjoy free Christmas lessons in “Free Winter Lessons By The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs - 2021.” Then download thousands of free lessons from our 30 holiday and Teacher Talk eBooks, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs blogs, and TBOTEMC Facebook page.

  • I Have Who Has Games - Winter Vocabulary Building Activities FREE
  • Winter Addition Within 10 Yeti Picture Add the Room FREEBIE
  • Christmas Addition Facts: 0-10 Number Bonds Scoot Game
  • Digital Citizen Pledge
  • STEM Challenge: Creating the Longest Chain
  • Christmas Card Writing Template Freebie
  • 3rd Grade Math for January | Free Sample | Digital and Printable
  • Two Different Winter Crossword Puzzles Featuring 25 Words that Begin with “Snow”
  • Winter Olympics Informational Text Passage 1-page FREE - Print & Digital
  • LA BEFANA Listening
  • Winter Holidays Classification Exercise and Holiday Crossword Puzzle
  • Printable Holiday Coloring Book for 9-12th Grades FREE
  • Free Back to School Lessons
  • Free Winter Holiday Lessons
  • Free Valentines’s Day Lessons
  • Free End of the Year Lessons
  • 100+ Free Lessons & Teaching Ideas
  • The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Blogs
  • The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative WordPress Blog
  • The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Facebook
  • The Best of TpT Pinterest Boards

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO OPEN THE FILE or you have any questions, feel free to email Victoria Leon at 

Wishing you the very best during the holiday season,

Vicky and 

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Push Pins Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}”

by DP Sharpe Resources
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

This collection of Push Pins Notepad sheets is a sure way to brighten your day! Your special teacher will love this elegant and stylish gift, whether jotting notes at school or using in their home office or den, they will make note-taking fun. A creative and practical gift that any teacher will not only appreciate, but will actually use! They will make perfect end of year gifts for your colleagues or a welcome gift for a new teacher.

The set is editable; and features four colorful push pins with coordinating ribbons. You can personalize with your name or your recipient’s name; which can be changed whenever you are ready to print a new set. A set of directions is included with the download.
There are two different sizes in the set. The first set measures about 6.5 x 4.5 and fit two per sheet. The second set measures about 3.5 x 4.5 and fit 4 per sheet.

The notepad sheets can be used over and over again; just print and cut and you have a perfect useful accessory for your desk. This method makes it affordable because you can save and print the file whenever you need'll have a lifetime supply of notepad sheets!! You can print how many you want, place in a pretty box or bag, and tie with a decorative ribbon for gift giving.

Be sure to download the preview for an up-close view of all the sheets.
Please check my store for other notepad sheets sets.

Thanks for downloading and please let me know what you think.

Colorful Pencils Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}

School Themed Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}

10 Pack Quotes Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}

Chevron Themed Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}

Notebook Themed Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}

Pastel Themed Notepad Sheets Set {Editable}

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Monday, November 27, 2023

Sunday, November 26, 2023

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Classroom Library Book Check Out Form”

by Fourth Grade Frenzy
Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Here is a free form for your classroom library. Simply copy, attach to a clipboard, and leave in your classroom library area. Students can record the books that they borrow from the classroom library, and check off the box when a book is returned.

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Fourth Grade Frenzy

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Heterogeneous & Homogeneous Mixtures Winter Holiday Candy Sorting Activity”

by Elly Thorsen
5th - 8th Grade

Use this fun and free activity to introduce, practice, or review heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures while celebrating the winter holidays. In the activity, students classify candy into groups of mixtures and discuss why each candy is heterogeneous or homogeneous. The activity can be used with or without candy. If teachers choose to use the activity without candy, students can write their favorite candies on the included blank candy cards. Full color and black and white versions are included.

Get this resource as part of the Winter Holiday Science Bundle!

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