Thursday, June 30, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS - "10 r-Controlled Activities & Games"

by Reading on Strawberry Lane
Grades 1-3

This unit is a package of 10 activities and games that are designed to make it easy for students to learn to read r-controlled syllable type words. There are 6 syllable types, and r-controlled is one of the six types. These syllables are called –r-controlled because the –r is in control and the vowel is out of control when sounding out the word. Instead, of the vowels making their normal sounds, the –r decides for them what sound the vowel is going to make. Reading and spelling r-controlled words require visual memory and experience. These games will teach students a few consistent tips to remember when reading these kinds of words. There are five -r-controlled vowels--ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur. These five vowel spellings make 4 different sounds. The packet includes 75 -r-controlled words cards and the following 10 games: 

1. Climb a Tree 
2. Grow a Centipede
3. Football Frenzy
4. Dominoes
5. Uno 
6. Clear the Board 
7. Snail Shell
8. Wild Animal Race
9. Checkers 
10. Circle Out

Aphorisms by Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin wrote lots of aphorisms, or short witty sayings about life, hard work, education, integrity, and more. This activity will take a class period. It includes 40 Aphorisms with unique activity to get students moving around the room, interacting with others' opinions, and thinking about how these aphorisms relate to today's times. Students will also work together to determine Franklin's values based on commonalities among his aphorisms. 

I did this activity when I was observed by a team of evaluators checking out my awesome school, and they loved it! The students did too! You will be surprised at how well your students relate to these sayings from the 1800s. Ben Franklin was so amazing and wise!

Students and teachers will love this!

FREE MATH LESSON - “FREE Odd or Even: Kitty Counting PowerPoint”

by TiePlay Educational Resources LLC
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

In Free Odd or Even: Kitty Counting, students progress in number skills and tell odd or even numbers while viewing waggish four-legged friends. An optional music link is included. 

Lesson activities can be completed as a whole group or small group with the instructor using a SmartBoard, white board and adobe reader, projector or document camera as learners easily follow along. This lesson aligns with Common Core State Standards.

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CCSS Math Content

2.OA.C.3Determine whether a group of objects (up to 20) has an odd or even number of members, e.g., by pairing objects or counting them by 2s; write an equation to express an even number as a sum of two equal.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Comma Review Games

Need Something Fun to Review Commas?

There are two game options included in this packet. The first is a whole-class indoor baseball game called “Let’s Play Ball.” Rest assured - no balls will be flying and no students will be running. This game works well for a class that plays games together without getting outside of appropriate noise levels. This game requires a Smart or Promethean Board or some type of digital presenter. If you have a more rambunctious class, you may want to try the small group option called “Mac Attack.” Both review games contain the same material on commas (75 sentences to correct) – just different delivery options depending on your preference and your classes. These games provide a refreshing twist for reviewing commas. Some of the sentences are interesting facts while others are less serious - a variety of sentences to hold students’ interest. Study guide and answer key are included.

Great activity for reviewing commas for middle school and high school!

LANGUAGE ARTS - "Scooping Words with Two Closed Syllables"

Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Grades 1-3

Scooping a word is the same as dividing the word into syllables.
Syllables can be divided by saying them orally or by using a pencil and paper. If we orally divide a word into syllables, we usually clap the word out. For example, if we orally divided the syllables of polish, we would clap out ‘pol’ and ‘ish,’ and that would be two claps. If we divided the syllables on paper, we would place a slash between the ‘l’ and ‘i’ in the word ‘pol/ish.’

So rather that placing a slash, there is another way to show the number of syllables in a word, and that is to scoop the syllables. This is how that would look: p o l i s h. This way not dividing the word with a slash avoids the look of a misplaced letter in the word, and it also avoids the idea of students thinking the word has only one syllable since there is just one slash. With the idea of scooping with the finger or with a pencil, students can feel and see the scoops which in turn matches the number of syllables. 

This packet contains 64 task cards that allow students to practice scooping words with two closed syllables.

Simply print and cut along the guidelines. One idea is to print on card stock or on colored paper. Laminate and use them again and again and keep them in a baggie. Another option is to hole-punch a corner of each card and put them all on a ring.

Language Arts - "Monthly Writing Prompts: Task Cards"

By A Classroom for All Seasons
Grades 3-5

This bundle has a writing prompt for every day of the school year! There are 186 task cards (20 writing prompts for each month + 6 extra poetry task cards for the month of April.) Each month includes opinion and persuasive writing, narrative writing and explanatory and informative writing.
Your students will be great writers by the end of the year!

Lined paper for each month is also included.

Thanks for looking!
My Store

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Reward Achievement Badges, Retro - 14 Badges”

by Big Idea Learning
2nd - 9th Grade

I really wanted to make something fun and a little bit different, styled with a retro theme. So, here are 14 more badges which you can print off or insert into docs for use however you like.

I enjoyed making them and hope you can find a way to use them :)

I'm also willing to take some suggestions on what wording you'd like to see in future badges. So, leave a comment on my blogpage for this resource if you've got some thoughts and I'll see what I can do ;)

big idea learning

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS - "Vowel Digraphs & Diphthongs Bundle Packet"

by Reading on Strawberry Lane 

Grades 1-4

This "Reading Vowel Digraph & Vowel Diphthong Syllables" unit provides 86 word lists of vowel digraphs and vowel diphthongs syllable type words. Also, a master word list is included and can be used as a quick reference. A vowel digraph or vowel diphthong is one of the six types of syllables in reading. The lists in this unit include words spelled using vowel teams or vowel/consonant teams to create each vowel sound. These lists of words will help students recognize the vowel digraph or vowel diphthong patterns. Reading will become more manageable for students once they understand syllable types.

The "10 Vowel Digraph & Diphthong Activities & Games" packet includes 10 activities and games give students a fun way to learn and sort vowel digraph and diphthong syllable words. A vowel digraph is two vowels that spell one of the vowel sounds in the team such as /ea/ spells the –e sound in ‘eat’.  Examples of diphthongs vowel teams are /ou/, /ow/, /oi/ /oy/. Together these vowel teams create their own unique sounds. The words used in this packet target the common vowel combinations that create vowel digraphs and diphthongs. The activities/games can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups. 

The following activities and games are included in this packet:
1. Color the Rainbow 
2. Ghost OUT 
3. Move the Mouse to the Cheese 
4. Guess the Word 
5. Shark
6. Go Fish
7. PIG 
8. Old Maid, Old Man
9. Skunk 
10. Thirteen Digraph/Diphthong Booklets—These are booklets the students can cut apart, staple, color, and spell the words to match the pictures. The books target : 
• digraph ai—rain, tail, snail, paint, mail, air, sailboat, rainbow
• digraph ay—hay, gray, pray, May, birthday, tray, say, pay
• digraph long ea—peace, peanut, eat, treat, tea, read, teacher, feast
• digraph short ea—bread, weather, sweater, breakfast
• digraph ee—bee, cheese, tree, three
• digraph igh—goodnight, light, bright, right
• digraph oa—coat, boat, toad, soap
• digraph ow—shadow, pillow, elbow, snow
• digraph long oo—balloon, broom, igloo, mushroom, pool, root, school, zoo
• digraph short oo—cookie, looking, book, football
• diphthong ou—cloud, mouse, out, groundhog
• diphthong ow—towel, clown, frown, shower
• diphthong oy—cowboy, ahoy, toys, joy

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “SAMPLE Early Literacy Tools: Elkonin boxes and Medial Vowel Set (CVC Words)”

by Jen Strange
Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

All elementary school teachers know how important it is to teach segmenting as part of early literacy instruction. Elkonin boxes are a common tool to increase students' phonemic awareness.

My Early Literacy Tools: Elkonin boxes and Medial Vowel Set was designed with the intention of making this fun and easy.

The sample of my Early Literacy Tools: Elkonin boxes and Medial Vowel Set has all the materials you need to really get an idea of what the full set offers.

The 6 images included represent one word for each short vowel - and an extra for A. Printable movable alphabet letters are included for each of these 6 words. A printable Elkonin box mat in a soothing pastel color is also included.

All image files are letter-sized for easy color-printing, either at a home / school computer, or any office supply store.

If you enjoy this sample, please take a look at the two versions of the full product:
1. Early Literacy Tools: Elkonin boxes and Medial Vowel Set BASIC set 
2. Early Literacy Tools: Elkonin boxes and Medial Vowel EXTENDED Set 

P.S. Please visit my store for additional HELP FOR STRUGGLING READERS items.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

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Crucible Activities Bundle - Pre-Reading and Post-reading

I absoultely LOVE The Crucible by Arthur Miller! It is my favorite piece of literature to teach! Students love it too! That is why I have just included pre and post activities in this bundle. Once we start reading, my students don't want to stop until the end!

Pre-reading activities include:
1. A history video viewing guide that corresponds with Salem Witch Trials documentary from the History Channel along with a handout where students determine which information is true, false, or simply opinionated about the history of the Salem Witch Trials Answer keys included. 

2. Research task cards with topics pertaining to the history of the trials, and students research their particular topic, collaborate with others, and present findings to the class. It is important that students are familiar with the history of the trials before reading The Crucible play. 

Post-reading activities include: 
3. A character brainstoring game that acts as review for the play and scaffolding for an essay. This game requires students to move, think, collaborate, write, and evaluate. 

4. Instructions for how to write an expository essay, expository essay assignment, and rubric for grading. 

5. Crucibles in Life competition - links today's crucibles to those in Puritan times. Suggested answers included.

6. Creative conflict map requiring students to think thoroughly and analytically. Examples included. 

7. Primary historical documents exploration to complete an incident report where students go straight to the court documents of Salem. to look for charges, witnesses, and evidence. This is print and go ready with an instruction sheet for students and an incident report to complete.

8. Plot activity - students cut the events apart and put them in the correct acts in order of occurrence as review.

9. Visual literacy practice- students look at political cartoons from McCarthy era and determine their relevance to the Salem trials. An interactive discussion option is included.

10. A list of 6 of differentiated project choices with detailed instructions for each choice. 

These activities help students understand the events of the play while having fun, being creative, and thinking critically/analytically. Several of these are hands-on and require students to "think outside the box." There are so many activities to choose from that you won't have time for them all! You'll need to select those activites that fit your students' needs and abilities.


Grades K-2

This fun print and play activity will help students master the skills of phonemic deletion/subtraction and reinforce phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear the smallest unit of sound. Students will read a word and then subtract a sound thus creating a new word. 

Also, this activity targets initial consonant blends and consonant digraphs such as bl, ch, cr, sm, th, sh, and more. There are two game boards (colored/black and white versions) and 92 task cards designed to engage learners. You may use this game board or any game board you have. Or just use the task cards alone, and the student with the most cards at the end wins.

English Language Arts Lesson-Superhero Year Long Memory Books


This resource is brand new and introductory priced for a limited time! 

The Superhero Year Long Memory Book was developed with ease of preparation in mind. I have always loved the idea of a memory book that captures students’ favorite memories of the school year, as well as some of their adorable perspectives on the world. However, I never have time to complete a memory book during the last month of the school year. This resource is completed easily throughout the school year by completing one low prep page a month. 

The photo booth option gives this a keep sake quality! It is sure to be a winner with your students and families! 

Included In This Resource:
* 8 Options for Front Cover Page for Grades K-2
* First Day of School Page
* Last Day of School Page
* 10 Monthly Pages
* Photo Booth Options for First Day of School, Last Day of School, and the Ten Monthly Pages

First Grade Diva Creations

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Phonemic Awareness - Where's My Bone? and Doggie Sound Switch”

by Make Take Teach
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

These phonemic awareness activities will be "doggone" popular with your students! Two activities designed to teach isolating sounds are included in this packet. "Doggie, Where's My Bone?" and "Doggie Sound Switch" are perfect for use during your small group intervention.

If you like this activity, be sure to check out our other MT&T activities designed to teach phonemic awareness skills:
Breaking Up Words
How Many Sounds?
Race Car Blending
Squaring Up

This activity is one of 15 hands-on activities that can be found in the Response to Intervention- Phonemic Awareness Activity Pack


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