Friday, June 30, 2023

FREE MATH LESSON - “No Prep Math Counting Coins Freebie”

by CreativeCOTA LLC
2nd Grade

Do your students need to work on money identification or adding coins? Check out this counting change, free sample that includes worksheets and activities from my full coin sets.

This freebie includes BW and color coin keys, 1 color count the loose change worksheet and 1 black and white count the change worksheet both with answer keys, as well as, a color the coins worksheet.

The full versions have 20 activities/worksheets and are available in both color and black and white depending on your needs.

Use this link for the black and white full version of this resource. Counting Coins BW Version

Please use this link if you would like the color full version of these worksheets. Counting Coins Color Version

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

FREE MATH LESSON - “Fun Freebie-Matching Numbers 1-10 Counting With The Crabs”

by Linda McCormick
Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten

This fun freebie themed matching game has your students matching the numeral and the word to the number of smiling crabs. They count, identify the correct numeral, and read the word as well. All great practice while they're having fun. Two suggested activities are included.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

🍎🍎 Teaching Kids to Make Predictions 🍎🍎

 Making predictions is an essential part of language learning, especially for students who are learning to speak English as a second language (ESL). 

Making Predictions

The skill of making predictions is an essential skill to develop in order to become a successful English language learner. For ESL teachers looking to help elementary school students learn how to make predictions, we want to teach verbs in the future tense and conditional mode which are two powerful tools. It is important that English learners (ELs) can understand and practice making predictions using the correct verb tenses. Being able to make predictions correctly is a crucial part of being able to communicate effectively in English.

Before Getting into the Nitty-gritty of Predicting

We know that it is important to lay down some foundational understanding of what making predictions means. In basic terms, a prediction is when someone anticipates what might happen in the future. Then express ideas about this through language. Understanding how to predict requires learners to recognize patterns in their experiences. Students then must use these patterns to structure their thoughts about what could occur in different situations.

Once the basics are understood, ESL teachers should introduce students to using verbs for predicting. To do this effectively, teachers should focus on two key verb forms: the future tense and conditional mode. The present simple form can also be used for making predictions. Remember it is less specific than the other two forms. 

One way to teach ESL students about making predictions is by focusing on the two main verb tenses. When we make predictions we use the future tense and conditional mode.

Future tense verbs express actions or events that will happen at some point in the future. For example, “I will go shopping tomorrow” or “It will rain on Sunday.”

Conditional mode verbs express hypothetical situations or outcomes that depend on certain conditions being met. For example:

“If I had enough money, I would buy a car”

“If it rains, we won’t be able to go outside.”

Making Predictions- Using the Future Tense

2 grammar skills to teach making predictions

The future tense gives students the ability to express their predictions about what will happen in the future.

We use this grammar when speaking about something that hasn’t happened yet, but is likely or expected to happen at some point in time.

In English, the future tense is constructed by adding helping verbs such as ‘will’ and ‘shall’ before the main verb. For example: “I will go for a walk later today.” Emphasize that when forming sentences in the future tense for predicting, only modal auxiliary verbs (e.g., will/shall) or verb phrases such as be going to are used instead of ‘will’. For example: “I think that I will go home”.

To practice this grammar structure with students, it can be helpful to use engaging activities such as role-play or drawing; asking students questions like “What do you think will happen next?” 

Don’t forget adverbs, conjunctions, and phrase markers

When introducing students to using verbs in the future tense for predicting, it is important that they understand how certain words indicate this form. This includes adverbs such as tomorrow or next week; conjunctions such as before and after; as well as phrase markers like I think/believe/expect + that + clause (e.g., I think that it will rain).

The Conditional Mode and Making Predictions

The conditional mode is another great way for students to express their predictions, particularly hypothetical ones. This form of grammar involves using an if-then statement with a set of two different clauses – one clause that contains an action that could potentially occur, e.g., “if I don’t study tonight” and one clause that contains the result or consequence of that action, e.g., “then I won’t pass my test tomorrow”.

This type of grammar structure helps students get into the habit of thinking ahead and considering all possible outcomes relating to their decisions – e.g. if they don’t study tonight then they won’t pass their test tomorrow. If they do study then they’ll have a better chance of passing.

To practice this structure with elementary school learners, teachers can ask questions such as: “What would you do if…?” and have students complete the sentence as well as explain why they would take that action based on what could potentially happen afterward.

Activities For Making Predictions

Now that ESL students understand both forms of verb prediction, there are several activities teachers can use to practice this skill further with their classes. Some ideas are:

  • playing board games
  • charades
  • creating stories about future events based on given conditions
  • designing crossword puzzles related to predictions around thematic topics (e.g., animals).

 These activities allow learners not only to practice making predictions but also to use other aspects of language such as grammar and vocabulary at the same time!

Science and making predictions
Science experiments are an excellent activity to practice predicting.

Another effective way of teaching ESL students about making predictions is to simulate real-life scenarios in which they must use both future tense and conditional mode verbs in order to make effective predictions. For example, you could set up a situation where one student has lost their keys and another student must predict what they will do next (e.g., “If you don’t find your keys soon, you might call a locksmith”). This type of activity not only helps your student gain confidence when using these verb tenses but also reinforces their knowledge about how these tenses work in different contexts.

In conclusion, having a solid grasp on how to use future tense and conditional mode verbs correctly when making predictions is an essential part of mastering English as a second language (ESL).

By providing clear explanations of the grammar rules associated with these two forms of verbal communication and setting up activities that allow your student to practice using them accurately in context, you can help give them an edge when communicating effectively in English!

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Happy Teaching!
Let’s Teach! Lori
ELL Vocabulary and ESL Games
Everything You Need all year long to teach ESL/ELL!

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Grade Book {Chevron Themed} FREE”

by Barnett's School House
Kindergarten - 12th Grade

You can use this adorable grade book to keep your grades organized with style. I've included two files, one PDF format and one Power Point format! Enjoy and have a great year!

Barnett's School House

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Wednesday Weekly 5 under $5 - June 28, 2023


Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

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Summer Multiplication Bump Games - $3.00

by Believe to Achieve by Anne Rozell
2nd - 4th grades
Printables, Games, Centers

Summer Multiplication Bump Games are the perfect way to get your students excited about math and make learning multiplication facts fun! With one game per fact set from x2 to x12, there are 11 color games and 11 ink-saving black and white games. This highly versatile resource is great for differentiating your instruction, engaging the whole class, or providing dedicated math centers or sub tubs.

French: Les Animaux Marins Coloring - $3.00

by Urbino12
PreK - 6th grades
Worksheets, Activities

This French product is about sparking an interest for ocean animals in young children. 
Your students will be able to trace the French word and color these eighteen ocean animals in French ! Animals are depicted in their natural habitat. Vocabulary words depicted in this file are: dauphins, hippocampes, requins, poulpe, baleine, phoque, poissons, espadon, crabes, homard, palourdes, moules, mΓ©duses, calmars, Γ©toiles de mer, anguille, pastenague et limule.

by All-American Teacher Tools
4th - 12th grades
Printables, Task Cards, Centers

I've done all the work for you! Each date has a STEM-related discussion-starter that you can use as an introduction, conclusion, or fill-in when needed. Each day includes what happened on that date, a bit of information for your students, an appropriate image, and a thought-provoking question for discussion. You can even post this as a journal-entry prompt! Each date is connected to further information links for your use, or a student's independent learning. History teachers - each of the entries has an historical reference! If you need to incorporate STEM into your social studies lessons, this is a very easy way to do that.

Simple Machines$4.00

by Sunshine and Laughter by Deno
2nd - 4th grades
Worksheets, Games, Posters

This low prep resource includes colorful, engaging posters to introduce the six simple machines - screw, pulley, lever, wheel & axle, wedge, and inclined plane. Use these posters whole group and then display them as anchor charts on your Science wall for your students to continue to refer to for extra support. Also included are sorting cards that your students will sort under the correct simple machine. This is a quick way to check for understanding. Place these cards in your Science stations for continued practice. 

Summer Reading Comprehension Learning Center: People in Action - $4.00

by Mickey's Place
K - 1st grades 
Activities, Assessment, Centers

Looking for a summer center to reinforce reading comprehension for K-1 students.  Then this simple game of matching  people in action verbs,  to the sentence that describes the action (verb) is what you are looking for.  Active learning and perfect partner game!

As always, I encourage comments and any ideas or suggestions by emailing me at

Renee Heiss

All-American Teacher Tools

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FREE MISC. LESSON - “Spanish Class Decoration: El Gato Gordo”

by Urbino12
Pre-Kindergarten - 11th Grade

Depicts Fernando Botero's sculpture of El Gato Gordo.

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Monday, June 26, 2023

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Endangered by Eliot Schrefer Character Analysis Tri-Fold Freebie”

by James Whitaker
6th - 12th Grade

[[Endangered Novel Study Series]]
Character Analysis Tri-Fold Activity
Grades 6-12

Endangered is one of the Novel Studies for the Common Core Code X 8th Grade Curriculum!

Product Overview/Preface:

Here is my complimentary character and literary element analysis Tri-Fold activity for Eliot’s Schrefer’s novel Endangered! This Freebie is part of my comprehensive Endangered Novel Study Assessments and Activity Resource.

< 1 Pre-Made Tri-Fold
< 2 Customizable Tri-Folds (After Printing)
< 7 Inserts Choices
< 1 Literary Element Vocabulary List
< 1 Characterization Mini-Lesson/Handout

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Endangered Novel Study Ultimate Bundle

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6] Endangered Activity Two Pack Bundle

Please feel free to ask any questions—I will definitely respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

Please Check out My Other Products and Resources:

Hopefully my products will help strengthen your lessons, help your students learn, and make your life easier. Thank you and enjoy! —J.D. Whitaker

Copyright © 2014 James D. Whitaker, SophistThoughts™
All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.
Not for public display.

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