Thursday, August 4, 2011

FREE MISC. LESSON - Attendance Card Labels

by First Grade Fanatics
Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
This is a visual way to do attendance that is quick and easy. I use cards that are made of 3 x 5 stock, and I put a home label on the bottom of one side, and a school label on the bottom of the other side. Above the school label I put each child’s picture, so when they are at school you can actually see their face. Every morning kiddos come in and find their card on the home side, and flip it to school. I like to make my own cards so they are personalized every year. The labels are formatted to Avery label 5395 (or equivalent size). So here are the labels that I use for my pocket chart. I've uploaded them in a word file so all you have to do is change the names to fit your class and you are ready to go. We hope you find this useful!

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