Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FREE MISC. LESSON - “FREE Test Prep Tournament - A, B, C, D Cards”

by Victoria Leon
1st - 12th Grade  

Your students will enjoy reviewing for their chapter tests, district mandated tests, and state standardized tests with my “FREE Test Prep Tournament - A, B, C, D Cards.”  It is a free sample of one of the 12 tournaments found in my best selling  “Test Prep Tournaments For Any Grade and Any Subject.”
The “A, B, C, D Cards” may be used for any grade and any subject, but you need to supply the multiple choice questions.  You may use the Internet to access your state’s released questions of past standardized tests.  You may use test prep booklets, previous district tests, questions in your textbook series, or your own questions.  
This tournament works!  In California, students are deemed Far Below Basic, Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced on our state standardized tests.  When comparing my students’ 2011 California Standards Test scores with me and how they had done the year before, three students went up 3 levels (one student went from Far Below Basic to Proficient and two students went from Below Basic to Advanced), seven students went up 2 levels, six students went up 1 level, and seven students stayed at the same level (six students were Advanced in 2nd Grade and stayed Advanced with me in 3rd Grade and one student was Proficient in 2nd Grade and stayed Proficient in 3rd Grade.) 
This tournament is timeless!  Even if California changes the state standards, I can still use the A, B, C, D cards to review concepts already taught to my students.  If I change to a new grade or have to teach a different subject, I can adapt the tournament to my new class.  
The possibilities are endless!  Change the rules of the game to meet the needs of your specific class.  Have students work in groups and have the captain hold up the A, B, C, or D card.  Make copies of the cards for your entire class.  Put a multiple choice question on the board and have every student hold up their answer card.   
The A, B, C, D cards may be used in any grade and for any subject.  High school students balance equations in their Chemistry class, historical events and facts are memorized in middle school, and vocabulary definitions are reinforced in elementary school classrooms.  
Review for upcoming tests, but also have fun...  

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