Friday, August 10, 2012

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Freebie Frame and Tutorial”

by Sonya Dykeman
@Sweet Berry Patch
All Grades

Just this summer I began creating my own frames, borders, and background papers. I was having such a great time doing this that I had accumulated several kits and posted them on my TpT store. One of the most common questions that I was receiving was "How do I use these frames?" So, I put together a visual tutorial for everyone. I have a step by step explanation of how to insert frames into Microsoft Word. I completed the PC version, and I received special permission to use Tracee Orman's MAC version. So, both platforms are recognized. While you are at my TpT store, look for several free frame sets to practice with! 

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  1. I clicked on the link and it took me to the TpT store for the library patch. I did not see this product. AM I doing something wrong? I tried it four times.

  2. Hi Kate,
    I don't think you did anything wrong. The original post was on August 10, 2012. It was a free product in 2012, but may not be in 2014. Try looking at the rest of the seller's TpT store and it may be a priced product or withdrawn altogether.
    Hope this helps,