Monday, October 15, 2012

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Link Learners to Lessons”

by Ellen Weber
7th - 12th Grade

Talent Inventories can be used to develop students’ interest and capabilities as well as to adapt lessons for desired outcomes.  It could be as simple as asking a learner who is interested in aeronautics to give a speech on a related topic as an alternative task to fulfill course objectives.  

The Talent Inventory provides quick and up-to-date reference notes about students who seem bored, those who appear disengaged, or those ready for further challenges.  They can be used individually to link content to students’ curiosity-building opportunities.  Faculty can skim the entire classes’ inventories, as a tool to tweak lessons.  Use this survey to fit updated facts and figures into a lesson, as well as to help students extend content into their realities beyond class.  


  1. Victoria, as a very new person at the TPT site -- your generosity overwhelms me! Thanks! What a wonderful ambassador to learning - to teaching and to peer suport you are!

    I am excited to learn and grow and walk alongside inspired leaders like you -- because I too believe that all learners deserve the best! Ellen

  2. Ellen,
    You are so welcome...Thanks for sharing your Talent Inventory...