Sunday, November 18, 2012

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Spanish PowerPoint Activity: Introduction to Colors”

by Linguicon Project
3rd - 12th Grade

This is a PowerPoint presentation converted to an on-line format that virtually any computer can view simply through a browser, so you must be connected to the Internet.

You are downloading an .html file that automatically loads the presentation from the Internet.

On Mac and PC, you can make the presentation full screen with no browser border by pressing the letter "F". On iPad, you may simply have to maximize the window the old-fashioned way.

This is a really fun way to introduce and review colors, as well as introduce or review adjective agreement. You'll even work in some numbers and letters, too!

SLIDE 1 Introduces the basic colors of Spanish in the masculine singular form... the word appears up so the students can say it, then it fills with the color ("rojo" fills with red, "gris" fills with gray, etc.)

The fun really starts when the words show up filled with the *wrong* color (the word "rojo" is filled green, then yellow, then eventually red). Students love to respond respond saying, "está mal", "no está bien", "no es correcto", "¡eso no es rojo, es verde!"

SLIDES 2 and 3 show various arrays of numbers filled with different colors, and the students say what color each number is: "el 2 es verde", "el 9 y el 3 son grises". This gently leads students from singular adjectives to plural adjectives.

At the end of SLIDE 3, the numbers 0 through 9 switch one by one to the letters A through J. As the number changes to a letter, the color may have to change ("El cero es rojo. La 'A' es roja").

SLIDES 4 through 8 show an array of 2 numbers and two letters. They fill with the same color alone or in pairs, and the students have to make a full sentence, and have to switch from masculine to feminine and singular to plural randomly and on the fly.

Like most of my presentations, you can easily decide to do any slides you would like to suit your needs. You may very well come back to this presentation as a warm-up, or students can do it for a 15- or 20-minute activity on a day when you have a substitute.

- it can be given as presentation to the entire class by you
- a great 3- or 4- person activity for class if students have their own laptops or iPads
- it is fantastic if you need a last-minute substitute lesson plan, and a few trustworthy kids can divide up the job of leading the class through the presentation.

Thank you so much!
¡Muchas gracias a todos!

Steven Getz
Linguicon Project

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