Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs on Facebook

Go to “The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs” on Facebook for free products, priced products, and sales from the best teacher-entrepreneurs on the Internet.  

  • FREE Community Helpers
  • FREE Subject and Predicate Freebie!
  • Sounder Novel Unit ~ Common Core Standards Aligned! - $12.00
  • FREE Scientific Method Kitchen Myth Lab: “Getting the Most Out of Lemons”
  • FREE Peter the Great of Russia Jigsaw
  • FREE Fun with Fractions FREEBIE!!!
  • FREE Alphabet Word Work Mats
  • FREE Dolch Pre-Primer Memory Game
  • Nick Erskine - TpT Store
  • Read Like a Detective: An Intro to Close Reading for the Common Core PowerPoint - $4.00
  • FREE Paying Bills *SIMPLE* Worksheet
  • FREE Large Classroom Tree
  • FREE 2013 Watch, Think, Color Hundreds Chart Fun Game
  • Creative Educational Concepts - Facebook
  • FREE Music Fun Printables
  • FREE Greek Alphabet Wall Display Gifted Language Arts
  • Let’s Explore the Ancient Greeks - $3.00
  • Capitalizing Book Titles - A Common Core Lesson - $2.00
  • 4th Grade Full Day Emergency Sub Lesson Plans / Eyes and Ears - $4.50
  • Life Cycle of Plants {20 Activities & Foldable Flower Project Book}
  • FREE Colorful Fraction Bars
  • Economics and History: Communism vs. Capitalism, the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game! - $3.00
  • St. Patrick’s Day Do Together Parent/Child Homework Shamrock Activity - $.50
  • FREE Teaching the Operations of Addition and Subtraction of Integers with Money 
  • FREE Script: The One Item Mystery Dinner Theater Drama
  • Reader’s Workshop Skills Practice (FOUR Bundled Units) Tic-Tac-Toe Menus - $18.00
  • Freckle Juice Novel Unit ~ Common Core Standards Aligned - $12.00
  • FREE Stars and Stripes: True/False Math Statements

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