Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mother's Day Linky Party!

Liz, the creator of The Happy Teacher blog, created a Mother's Day Linky Party.  Get some great new ideas for Mother's Day!

I included my "Mother's Day Coupons - 3 Versions."  In Version #1, the student traces over the dotted letters of each coupon. In Version #2, the student draws a picture for each coupon. In Version #3, the student does not have to write on the actual coupon but may illustrate a cover for the coupons.  The 55 page product has the same 36 coupons in the 3 different sets.

There are 12 covers for Versions #1 & #3 and 16 covers for Version #2. Blank pages of the three sets are also provided so that students may create their own covers and coupons.

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