Thursday, October 6, 2016

My students enjoyed this!

Sentence Makeovers lesson helps students turn OKAY sentences to WOW sentences. This lesson is all about revising to make sentences better.

This lesson contains the following pages:
2 pages of detailed instructions
8 pages of simple sentences (one sentence per page to cut apart)
5 pages of pictures (one enlarged picture per page for describing)
1 page of QR codes that match the pictures for sentence writing (optional)
1 page bell ringer that can be posted on a Promethean / Smart Board or printed
1 page of exit tickets - printed 3 to a page
1 page of ballots for voting on sentences - printed 4 to a page
1 cover page and 1 credits page

This activity really shows students how to construct sentences that are detailed and interesting rather than short and boring.

Caution - This activity is hands-on and requires movement in the classroom. If your students cannot be trusted to move around the room maturely or do hands-ons activities appropriately, then this lesson is NOT for them at this time.

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