Monday, May 22, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Summer Comprehension, Thinking & Writing Activities: A Summer Bucket List”

by Connie
4th - 12th Grade

This handout guarantees that children will keep their minds and bodies active and alert during their summer vacation. The plus is- they won't feel like they are completing an assignment or doing a task related to school while they keep their comprehension and their analytic and creative thinking and writing skills fresh. Although this list is best suited for children in grades 5-12, third and fourth graders will find activities that fit their abilities and skill levels, too. Many 6-10 year olds I know blow me away with their ability to text, use a computer or a digital or Smartphone camera, play an instrument and cook, so they will find a number of suggestions to choose from. Ideas 8, 10 and 11 are more fitted to older children, though. Idea 13 is great for kids in grades 1-8. Using simple household supplies they can have fun with science experiments while learning chemistry, biology, physics and much more. Some parental guidance will probably be necessary with the younger kids. Tell the children and parents about this terrific book to use: The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book by Tom Robinson for $8.95 ($6.12 Kindle edition). They don't have to spend money on a book unless they want to, though. They can probably find similar books at the library. Best of all, they will find activities on-line using the search terms: kids science experiments.

Be sure to give the handout to students before the end of the school year. Maybe, follow it up with a quick email to explain this activity to parents. They'll be thrilled with some ideas to ward off the "I'm bored," grumblings. This list ensures that young people will will have a lot to show and talk about in September when their next year's teachers ask, "What did you do this summer?"

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Enjoy a Teach It Now Day,

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