Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gingerbread - Activities & Math

By Sparking Children’s Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd, Homeschool

Be inspired by Gingerbreads!

Gingerbread is the perfect theme for December and January.

This booklet contains a range of worksheets, some that require basic number skills, while others are a bit more complex. There are also som fun problem-solving activities involving gingerbreads.

Fun activities where the children are asked to make up their own math problems. Children often enjoy creating their own problems. This approach requires a deeper reflection upon numbers and basic arithmetic operations as compared to only providing an answer.

Gingerbread inspired multiplication and division cards. Students can make their own problems.

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Gingerbread - Activities & Math

1. Decorate the gingerbreads.
2,Draw a special gingerbread for a friend or family member.
3.The world’s largest gingerbread
4.What if you could make a gingerbread for a dog or cat?
6. Make a tally - which shape is most popular?
7. Add and give away gingerbreads
8. Building block
9. Make up your own problems
10. Multiplication and division cards.

Color and black and white versions.


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