Monday, April 20, 2020

FREE MATH LESSON - “Coordinate Grid Riddles Free Sample”

by Simone
5th - 8th Grade

Are you looking for a fun way to practice plotting points?
Solving riddles is highly motivating and self checking.

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Coordinate Grid Riddles (Four Quadrants)

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Coordinate Grid Riddles Bundle
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Flash Cards or Task Cards
PPT Guided Lesson
Common Core Standards
5.G.1 Use a pair of perpendicular number lines, called axes, to define a coordinate system, with the intersection of the lines (the origin) arranged to coincide with the 0 on each line and a given point in the plane located by using an ordered pair of numbers, called its coordinates. Understand that the first number indicates how far to travel from the origin in the direction of one axis, and the second number indicates how far to travel in the direction of the second axis, with the convention that the names of the two axes and the coordinates correspond (e.g., x-axis and x-coordinate, y-axis and y-coordinate).

6.NS.6c: Find and position integers and other rational numbers on a horizontal or vertical number line diagram; find and position pairs of integers and other rational numbers on a coordinate plane

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