Saturday, July 18, 2020

FREE Back to School Lessons!

Start the new year right with these free lessons by The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative:
  • Back to School Dot Paint Ten Frames FREEBIE
  • Syllable Count - Free
  • Getting to Know You Back to School Craft and Journal Activity Freebie
  • Christopher Columbus American History for Grades K-3 and Homeschool
  • ESL & ELD K-5 Curriculum Map - A Year Long Pacing Guide!
  • Blends Picture Sorts FREE Supports Jolly Phonics |Distance Learning
  • Spelling Choices - Multiple Intelligences
  • Back to School Activity - Freebie
  • Distance Learning Home Reading Log
  • Mystery Tongue Twister Fun?
  • Rounding to the Nearest 10 BOOM Cards! FREE!
  • Student Planner FREEBIE
  • Color and Shape Sudoku - Easy
  • Halloween STEAM
  • City of the Day - Daily Geography - FREE SAMPLE CITY
  • Getting to Know Me for Bulletin Boards
  • Distance Learning - All About Me
  • Number of the Week What’s the Problem? Worksheet
  • Dots Fun for Everyone: FREE Math Activities Plus a Game That Uses Dominoes
  • Back to School Activities FREEBIE
  • WebTest of the Week #1: The History of Schools (A New Product Line for ELA)
  • Boom Cards | Pundles of Fun: Brain Teaser Logic Puzzles - FREE Sampler
  • FREE Response Process (Reading Skills) Assessment/Evaluation Grid
  • Conquering Confusing Words
  • AP Italian Speaking Task Lezione 6 La Societร  che Si Evolve
  • More Free Lessons
Click on the links for more free lessons with our 21 other Back to School, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and End of the Year eBooks. Our “100+ Free Lessons & Teaching Ideas” eBooks contain the links to blog posts written throughout the year by members of TBOTEMC’s Teacher Talk.
Wishing you the very best in the new school year,
Vicky and
The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative

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