Saturday, February 25, 2023

Teacher Talk - February 2023

We hope you enjoy these latest teaching tips from our Teacher Talk bloggers.  Members of Teacher Talk are a part of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative.  

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Brain Breaks Bring More Effective Learning

By Retta London of Rainbow City Learning 

Five ways to give your students’ brains a break and make learning more fun and effective every day. 


Shocked & Awed

By Gini Musmanno of Reading Spotlight 

Most American football fans were shocked to see Damar Hamlin in cardiac arrest on the playing field last month.  We were also shocked to see the players kneeling, praying, and crying. When I saw this, however, I was even more shocked.


Choosing the Point of View in Fiction

By Charlene Tess of Simple Steps to Sentence Sense 

Choosing the best point of view makes all the difference!



Tech Tips For Teachers:  

Mastering Your Classroom Digital Tools

By Michelle Webb of Those Who Love Teaching 


Are you looking for ways to better manage your classroom technology? Check out these tips for everything from organizing your Google Drive to managing student devices.


4 Ways Reading Logs Can Be a Powerful Classroom Tool

By Marcy of It’s a Teacher Thing


Discover 4 effective ways to use reading logs to boost student learning and reduce your grading.


5 Teacher-Tested Ways To Make Grading Easier

By Dr. Crystal Brown of Dr. Crystal Brown Teaching to Change the World 

We all know the feeling. You’ve just finished teaching a lesson, and you know the stack of assignments on your desk is looming. It can take hours to grade each student’s paper, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry—there are ways to make grading easier!

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