Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Multiplication by Factor


Multiplication you say? Welcome back to the world of chalk dust and recess bells! As you prepare to embark on another year of molding young minds, we’re here to help you navigate the labyrinth of multiplication factors. Buckle up, because today, we’re going to unravel the witty order to teach them!

Multiplication by Factors 1-4

The Marvelous Ones: We all know that multiplying by 1 is like giving your math problem a little boost. Start here to instill the idea that anything multiplied by 1 remains itself. It’s like multiplying by a math superhero – Captain Identity!

Doubles Trouble: After understanding the magic of one, introduce the concept of doubling. Kids love a good symmetry puzzle, and what’s more symmetric than 2 x 2? Double the fun and double the learning!

Threes: Triangles and Multiples: Now that we’ve got the hang of doubling, let’s introduce 3. Use the concept of triangles to make it visual. Three is like a magical triangle number – ask them to draw triangles with 3 sides (and you’ll sneak in a bit of geometry too)!

Fantastic Fours: Ah, the fabulous fours! By now, students are becoming multiplication experts, so add 4 to the mix. Talk about squares and how 4 is like the square root of 16. Challenge them to find square numbers!

Multiplication by Factors – Middle of the Pack

The Fiver’s Feat: Time to meet the high-fiving number 5! Kids probably know their 5 times table from counting on their fingers. Emphasize that multiplying by 5 is a piece of cake. Or should I say, a slice of pizza (cut into 5 equal parts)!

Sassy Sixes and Sneaky Sevens: Once they’ve mastered 5, introduce 6 and 7 together. Make it a fun competition – which is quicker, counting by 6 or 7? It’s a race of the sneaky numbers!

Multiplying by 8 math games

Eights and the Great Escape: After the race, let’s dive into 8. Kids might find it tricky, but remind them that 8 is like 2 doubled twice. And when you double twice, you make a great escape from smaller numbers into bigger ones!

Multiplication by Factors – Winding up!

The Nifty Nines: Now that you’ve covered most of the territory, introduce 9 with its magical properties. Teach them about the wonders of the 9 times table and how the digits in the answers add up to 9! Don’t miss teaching this fun fact! 🙂

Tantalizing Tens: Finish strong with the 10 times table. It’s the easiest of them all, and it’ll give your students a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it sets them up to understand place value!

Read about Math Fact Fluency here.

The Fantastic Finish Line:

Congratulations! You’ve taken your students on a whimsical multiplication journey. Now, let them explore mixed multiplication tables and multiplication facts through games and activities. Challenge their knowledge, and watch them become true multiplication masters!

Remember, the key is to make learning fun and engaging. Use props, visuals, and interactive activities to bring these multiplication factors to life. By the time your students are done, they’ll be multiplication maestros, and you’ll be the wittiest teacher in town!

Wishing you a multiplication-tastic school year ahead!

Yours in math magic,

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