Friday, December 8, 2023

🎅🧮 December Math lesson ideas

 Hello, fellow educators! Looking for December Math lesson ideas? December is a magical time of year filled with holiday cheer and festive activities. What better way to engage your elementary students in learning math than by incorporating some fun and festive lessons into your curriculum? 🎅🧮

To make your December math lessons more exciting, we’ve gathered some creative ideas and even some helpful resources from the “Fun To Teach” store on TeachersPayTeachers to get you started.

Counting Christmas Cookies:

Use yummy Christmas cookies as a hands-on tool to teach addition and subtraction. Kids can count cookies, add them together, and even “eat” a few as they solve problems! 🍪➕➖

Decorate the Math Tree:

Create a giant paper Christmas tree on the classroom wall and use ornaments with math problems written on them. Let your students solve the problems and decorate the tree with their solutions. 🎄🎁

Elf on the Number Line:

Incorporate an adorable elf-themed number line to help students understand number sequencing and basic operations. They can move the elf along the line to solve problems. 🧝‍♂️➡️🔢

Santa’s Workshop Math Games:

Check out some fun and interactive math games on the “Fun To Teach” store on TeachersPayTeachers. These resources are not only educational but also engaging, making learning math a blast! 🎅🎮

Math Mystery Snowflakes:

Give your students math problems to solve, and as they get the correct answers, they can reveal a piece of a mystery snowflake puzzle. It’s like unlocking the secret of winter! ❄️🔍 Math Through The Senses!

Math-Themed Storytime:

Read math-related picture books with a holiday twist. It’s a great way to combine literature and math, making learning enjoyable and educational. 📚📖

Christmas Shopping Math:

Have your students create wishlists and budgets for imaginary holiday shopping. They can practice addition, subtraction, and money skills while planning their dream gifts. 🛍️💸

The “Fun To Teach” store on TeachersPayTeachers offers a variety of resources that can help you bring these ideas to life. You’ll find worksheets, activities, and games that are perfect for adding some holiday magic to your math lessons. 🌟

Remember, the goal is to make learning fun, and what better time to do that than during the joyful month of December? So, grab some festive materials for December Math Lessons, and let’s make math exciting and engaging for our elementary students! 🌲📊

Happy teaching, and happy holidays! 🎁📚✨

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