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FREE MISC. LESSON - “Arabic Alphabet Review Part One / Comprehensive Review / 1st - 4th +”

by Arabic for Breakfast
1st - 4th Grade

Comprehensive review over the Arabic letters Alif to Zayn with engaging activities that test the student's understanding of the letters' names, sounds, appearances, and other structural features.

This Product is Useful for:

This product is intended to be used as a review for the letters Alif to Zayn after their names, sounds, how to write them, as well as defining structural elements have been taught to the student. Use it in association with the other reviews released over other groups of the letters (Seen to Ghayn and Fa to Ya). It is designed to assess the student's familiarity with the basics of the letters, as well as challenge them to think about the different ways in which the letters can be applied.

Benefits of this Product:

*Engaging and creative activities blend writing and memorization tasks with questions that encourage thinking outside the box!

*Colorful accents keep the student engaged while being reasonable if printing in larger quantities!

*Pro Tips included on each page provide ideas for different ways to engage students in relation to the provided activities!

*Answer key at the end makes it easy for educators to check for the correct answers in the case that Arabic is not the first (or fluent) language!

Age/Grade Levels and this Product is Appropriate for:

While this product is intended for use with grade levels Kindergarten to 5th grade, as an educator or parent, you may gauge the Arabic learning level of the student and assign accordingly. Easily staple as a packet and use in homeschool, private tutoring or classroom settings!


This product is intended for use in a single classroom by a single teacher. It is the copyright of Arabic for Breakfast (c) and is protected under DMCA law as the intellectual property of Zainab Jaafar.

More Coming Soon!

Look for more of my interactive products covering Arabic subjects, from the alphabet to grammar rules as well as cultural touchstones of the Islamic and Arabic community coming soon to my shop! These products are so comprehensive yet easy to follow, you can practically have them for breakfast!

Yours truly,

Zainab Jaafar

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