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Teacher Talk - April 2024

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What's Saving Your Life This Spring?

by Rainbow City Learning

Barbara Brown Taylor tells how she was invited to speak at a gathering, her host gave her this instruction for her speaking topic: "Tell us what is saving your life right now."  She said the genius of the question is that though most of us know exactly what's killing us, it's harder to name what's saving us.


The Art of Teaching: Why Following a Script Matters

by Dramamommaspeaks

Today, I want to blog about the art of teaching: why following a script matters.  Do you struggle with what to say to your students as you teach them?  This isn't an uncommon issue for most of us, especially with our very first class.


10 Easy Mother's Day Activity Ideas for Classrooms

by It's a Teacher Thing

Mother's Day activity ideas can be challenging for classroom teachers.  Learn 10 ideas to do with different age groups, including older students, that will be a hit with mothers and other parents.


Twins in the Classroom

by Reading Spotlight

Some of my experiences with twins have been unique and memorable.


Earth Day Ideas

by Go Figure! with Scipi

Find out more than 14 ways to use milk lids for math.  Did you know that you can practice math facts using clear plastic containers?  Learn how to take two plastic plates and turn them into angle makers.  How about using two plastic beverage lids to make card holders for kindergarteners or for those whose hands are disabled?  Discover ten ways to use carpet squares as well as nine ways to use old calendars.


Tips to Correct Misplaced Modifiers

by Books by Charlene Tess

Dangling and misplaced modifiers often create humorous word pictures.  A dangling modifier is one that does not modify the word it is intended to modify. For example, Nailed to the gate, Johnny saw the danger sign. (Poor Johnny)


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