Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - Reading Comprehension Spinner - Fiction

by Hilary Lewis
2nd & 3rd Grade

Create your own comprehension spinner for your students to use during or after reading a story. These spinners are a fun, simple, and easy tool for kids to use and meet requirements from the new common core standards for telling about a story.

Just copy, mount on tag board, laminate, and attach a spinner and you are ready to roll! The spinner covers main characters, "what would you do if you were a main character?", setting, main idea, problem/solution, important details, and ending of the story. If you have any questions or would like me to modify the spinner for your class, please contact Hilary Lewis at hilary35@mac.com. Please be sure to put TPT in the subject line so that I know it isn't junk mail.   Thanks! 

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