Monday, May 16, 2011


Two winners will be drawn next Sunday, May 22. Each winner will receive all 14 teaching resources that are listed below!

You can enter by completing any TWO of the items on the following list. Place one comment below this note for each entry (for example, “I now follow Sunny Days’ TpT store and Shelley Gray's FB page,” or “I already follow Rachel Lynette’s FB page and I am now following her TpT store," or "I already follow One Extra Degree's FB page and First Grade Brain's FB page.") Make sense? 

Here is how you can enter. Remember, you can enter up to 15 times (one entry for everyTWO items that you complete from this list):
  1. Write about this contest on your blog. Include a link to this page.
  2. Share this contest on your Facebook page. Include a link to this page.
  3. Follow Shelley Gray’s TpT store. 
  4. Follow Shelley Gray's FB page.
  5. Follow Tools for Teachers by Laurah J’s TpT store. 
  6. Follow Tools for Teachers by Laura J's FB page.
  7. Follow Rachel Lynette’s TpT store.
  8. Follow Rachel Lynette's FB page.
  9. Follow Teched Out Teacher’s TpT store. 
  10. Follow The Teched Out Teacher's FB page.
  11. Follow The Teaching Bank’s TpT store.  
  12. Follow The Teaching Bank's FB page.
  13. Follow Lisa Frase’s TpT store. 
  14. Follow Lisa Frase's FB page.
  15. Follow Sunny Days’ TpT store. 
  16. Follow Sunny Days' FB page.
  17. Follow Ashleigh’s TpT store. 
  18. Follow Ashleigh's FB page.
  19. Follow First Grade Brain (Mrs. Magee’s) TpT store. 
  20. Follow First Grade Brain (Mrs. Magee's)FB page.
  21. Follow Victoria Leon’s TpT store. 
  22. Follow Victoria Leon's FB page.
  23. Follow One Extra Degree’s TpT store. 
  24. Follow One Extra Degree's FB page.
  25. Follow Hilary Lewis’ TpT store. 
  26. Follow Hilary Lewis' FB page.
  27. Follow Charlene Tess’ TpT store.
  28. Follow Charlene Tess' FB page.
  29. Follow Nyla's Crafty Teaching's TpT store. 
  30. Follow Nyla's Crafty Teaching's FB page.
A random draw will be made on Sunday, May 22 and the announcement will be made here!
If you have any questions about this contest, please contact me by emailing
Thank you for participating. Good luck!


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