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FREE SCIENCE LESSON - Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Review PPT: Organic Compounds

by Science Stuff
11th - 12th Grade

This is not a teaching powerpoint. This powerpoint is suitable for Advanced Placement Biology classes that need a quick review over a particular topic. Several months before the AP Biology exam, I begin to run through these short powerpoints to start my students on the road to reviewing for the exam in May. Each powerpoint is a set of questions followed by the answer. As the exam approaches, I spend 10 to 15 minutes each class period running through the questions on these review powerpoints. Keeping previously taught material fresh in the mind of the student is key to scoring well on the AP exam.
This powerpoint would not be suitable for teaching the material for the first time. This powerpoint is simply a question followed by the answer. It covers what I consider to be the main points and ideas for each topic.
This particular powerpoint contains 71 slides with 71 questions and answers. It covers the following topics:
1. Organic compounds: Definition, types, the role of carbon, carbon backbones
2. Characteristics of carbon
3. Functional groups
4. The building blocks of organic compounds: sugars, fatty acids, glycerol, amino acids, and nitrogen bases.
5. Polymer principles: macromolecules, polymers, monomers, dehydration reactions, hydrolysis reactions
6. Carbohydrates: general structure, type of sugars, structural and storage polysaccharides, starch, glycogen, cellulose, chitin.
7. Lipids: general structure, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, saturated and unsaturated, uses of lipids, phospholipids, waxes and cholesterol.
8. Proteins: general structure, amino acids, levels of protein organization, uses of proteins, denaturation of proteins.
The powerpoint is based on the 8th edition of Biology by Campbell and Reece.
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