Thursday, June 30, 2011

FREE MATH LESSON - Math Mania Weekly Math Review

by Sunny Days
1st - 5th Grade

This is a great way to introduce, review and keep skills fresh in the mind of your students. You choose a number of the week and the students use that number to complete 12 essential skills with it each week. I like to use the number of days we have been in school or the date of a student's birthday or holiday.
Each week my students complete the Math Mania activity which is attached to this Notebook file in PDF form. Just open the Notebook file, and look for the paper clip under the gallery. You will find the printable sheet for the students there.
I use this file to introduce the activity to my students as we complete it together the first few weeks of school. 
Eventually, my students complete these activities 
on their own and I use this file to correct it with 
them and address misconceptions.
Skills addressed include
-numbers in word form and expanded form
-odd and even
-place value
-fact families
-adding and subtracting

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