Thursday, September 15, 2011

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “100 Hundred Points Book Report”

by Ruth S.
3rd - 7th Grade
Kids love choices! My 100 Points Book Report provides an excellent, humorous way to motivate students so that they will put the needed effort into this report. It's gimmicky, yet it works! Follow my instructions and you'll be amazed at how many can't wait to begin the report. Included are the following printable worksheets. Coupons with requirements, bonus coupons, a refrigerator reminder sheet, and a rubric with requirements. The bonus sheet includes hands on activities they can choose from.

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To only teacher-authors on the Teachers Pay Teachers' Seller's Forum:  Feel free to cut and paste this submission to your blog, website, and/or promotional just cannot sell it for profit.  Permission was granted on the Seller's Forum on September 13, 2011...Selling Tips...Freebie Promotion = FREE ADVERTISING!


  1. Vicky! Thanks for posting this!! We TpT teachers are the BEST!! Love networking with you!

  2. Vicky, Take a look at your freebie on my blog!