Saturday, September 17, 2011

FREE MATH LESSON - “Bug Mania: Two Math Games Using Positive & Negative Numbers”

by Scipi
6th - 10th Grade
Bug Mania provides motivation for the learner to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication using positive and negative numbers. It is a fun game which is easy to adapt to any grade level, for a whole class, or a small group of students. The games are simple to individualize since not every pair of students must use the same cubes or have the same objective. Since the goal for each game is determined by the teacher, the time required to play varies. 
Two games are included in this download resource. One is for addition and subtraction; the second is for multiplication. The second game may involve subtraction with renaming and addition with regrouping based on the numbers that are used. 
I have personally used Bug Mania with all ages of students including middle school and high school. It is always one that my students are anxious to play again and again!

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