Monday, March 12, 2012

FREE MATH LESSON - “FREE Names for Numbers, Grade 1, March Match Math, PDF”

by Wise Owl Factory
1st Grade

The Everyday math program has many pages of math boxes where children have to write more names for numbers. These games will help children understand more about this concept. A name for the numeral 2 may be 1+1, 4-3, or 10-1 for instance. Provide some hands-on practice for students who may need some motivation and fun working with math. Names for a person are presented on two of the pages (boy, cousin, baseball player and so on) to help children understand one person can have many names. Extend this idea to numbers with this game. The ANSWER KEY is the original document, but you will be cutting apart the cards printed for the matching game. There are some cards with just a number to provide differentiation (some children will be able to match one number and one number name). These materials may be used in various ways in the classroom. 26 pages, PDF
By Wise Owl Factory, Carolyn Wilhelm, MS, MA, NBCT
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