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FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Cellular Respiration Word Game Review”

by Science Stuff
7th - 10th Grade

Cellular respiration is one of the hardest topics a biology teacher has to teach during their course. Its very abstract nature makes it particularly hard for many students to comprehend. I try to give my students as many review materials as possible on respiration. This particular product serves as both a review for my test and as some FUN extra credit.

Given the definition of a term, the student must write the word or words that best fit the description. They fill in a series of blanks in which one of the blanks is boxed. When they are finished, the boxed in letters spell out a secret message. Make sure you know what the secret message is before you pass this out to your students as it involves the giving of extra credit points on a test! : )

There are 28 vocabulary words used in this exercise that are commonly used in a unit on cellular respiration. The vocabulary words are: pyruvic acid, protons, glucose, aerobic, matrix, adenosine triphosphate, ATP synthase, water, adenine, respiration, oxygen, lactic acid, Kreb's cycle, alcoholic, phosphate, glycolysis, citric acid, NADH, electron transport chain, cristae, mitochondria, carbon dioxide, fermentation, cytoplasm, thirty eight, anaerobic, ribose, and acetate.

This was written for my high school biology students, but I feel it is appropriate for all life science students in grades 7 - 10.

Answer key is included. Enjoy!

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