Thursday, August 15, 2013

FREE MATH LESSON - “Fern Smith’s A Moose For All Seasons Place Value Race Game!”

by Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas
Pre-Kindergarten - 4th Grade

My Place Value Race Games are one of my best sellers!
Try this one out for free and see if you like it!
~Fern Smith

Common Core Standards For Place Value
1.NBT.2 ~ 1.NTB.3
2.NBT.1 ~ 2.NBT.3 and 2.NBT.4
TENS ~ A Moose For All Seasons Place Value Race
HUNDREDS ~ A Moose For All Seasons Place Value Race
THOUSANDS ~A Moose For All Seasons Place Value Race

* 29 PAGES of adorable Seasonal Moose Friends Themed Game!
* Distinct Cover Sheet to glue on the folders, or place in a Ziplock Baggie.
* Everything also comes in Black and White if you want to save on color printer ink! Print on color paper for another idea!
* It is cute, colorful and is completely designed to be an independently led student activity. 
* Send the black and white version home for weekly homework practice!
To see more information, please visit my blog! {Click Here!}
This game is a year round version of

*Once your students know how to play this, your math small groups can run smoothly since it is the same game, just different seasonal graphics! Excellent for a spiral review during math time.
How to Play {Hundred's version}:
1. Pick a character! 
2. Shuffle all your character cards and place them in one stack face down.
3. Circle your character on your GAME SHEET.
4. Turn over the first three cards and try to make the largest number possible.
5. Record it on your sheet while your partner{s} record their number. 
6. The winner has the highest number and they place a check in their score column.
7. The winner is the first one with 10 checks. 

Thank you,
Fern Smith

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