Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Halloween Spooky Tales Writing”

by Growing Smart Readers
3rd - 5th Grade


Make narrative writing fun and S-P-OO-K-Y! 

How many of your students love to read and write Halloween stories? 
Most kids love to read scary stories (as long as they're not too scary)!
Here's a chance for them to write their own with a little scaffolding.
The scaffold is that they have a good start or context to begin writing.

This writing activity is geared for grades 3 through 5, (although 6th graders may also enjoy this!) for those who either need a jumpstart in writing a spooky tale, or who desire a challenge. The nature of this activity allows students with varying writing abilities to complete it with success. 

This could be turned into a week's worth of writing lessons if you choose to have students pick a starter per day. The same planner / writing frame and stationery papers can be used again for new stories.

Easy writing process--and easy independent work for class, substitute lesson plan, or homework.

Here is the writing process:
*First, kids choose a spooky tale starter from five story starters. 
*Then, they fill in a spooky tale planner/map with pre-writing prompts to scaffold narrative writing. 
*Alternatively, they can use the prompt cards with the story starters on them, which can also work well for literacy centers. (Some kids also just need a single prompt in front of them, to help chunk the task into a smaller one!)
*Finally, they write on either of the two stationery pages provided. 

These Halloween spooky tale starters allow for differentiation in your classroom. 

This is an opportunity for collaborative writing, buddy writing or independent writing. Every year my students enjoy the spirit of the season with this simple, success-building activity. The prewriting page will help accommodate and scaffold hesitant intermediate grade students. This writing resource can be tailored by you to incorporate in a differentiated classroom. This is simple and flexible enough to make adjustments for individual needs.

*This resource is aligned with CCSS for Narrative Writing.

You'll be surprised at how much your students will enjoy these Halloween scary story starters.

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