Friday, November 29, 2013

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Ring-In Brainy Holiday”

by Ellen Weber
6th - 12th Grade

RING-IN BRAINY HOLIDAY is a free 19-page kit for middle, secondary and college levels. It works especially well in any discipline which fosters creative thinking, problem-solving, brain based tasks, clear communication, innovation, authentic outcomes, team skills, evidence based learning, or language improvement. 

Brain based tasks here include 11 gift-giving tips to boost brainpower over any holiday, and earn extra points in class. 

Rather than grow exhausted by expectations not met, it puts learners in the driver’s seat of making unique holiday choices. 

Learners will experience how priceless holiday returns come free – but can gain points for evidence of learning!

Learners will give all or several of the 11 gifts during their holiday preparation. They'll gain more than the mental zip folded into this kit.They will also earn 1 point for each priceless gift given.

Learners will leap at new opportunities to gain mental zip and lasting takeaways – all for free. Points gained to boost their grades with raise motivation to take advantage of significant learning opportunities during their time away from class. They will also return to class primed to move forward – by sharing their experiences and presenting evidence of their gift-giving-results. 

Since brains reorganize with action, learners will jumpstart your gift- gala by using newly discovered neuro facts to ramp up free fun festivities to grace their holiday.

First, they will open presents of intuitive IQ to ensure they wrap and give their most confident, courageous, and ready-to-roll gifts. Then they will give gifts like the 11 listed in this kit - to launch mental fitness for genius takeaways.

The kit provides prompts to relate evidence of each gift given, through pictures, sketches, narratives, or video of the event. For each gift that shows evidence of being given, students will earn one point toward their assignment. 11 points are possible from this student-led task, and these points can be factored into overall grades as teachers and students see as fair. 

They might also earn badges made from the point badges included in the kit. 

Expect students to go after 11 points and collect priceless gift-giving stories that will increase their learning and leading skills in your class when they return. 

Let me know how I can support your own brainy holiday learning and leading - at 

Ellen Weber (PhD) - Mita International Brain Center

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