Monday, January 13, 2014

FREE MATH LESSON - “6th Grade Math: Instructional Aids for 6.EE.2”

by J and J Math and More
6th Grade

A sixth grade math common core lesson plan for the 6.EE.2 standard in the Equations and Expressions Domain. There are 18 links to free websites, videos and games. You can click to them straight from the lesson plan instead of having multiple bookmarks on your browser.

These links help both the teacher and the students practice the mathematical skills found in the objectives. The content found in the links will also help you and your students better understand the mathematical concepts that should be mastered. 

This is just one page from our "6th Grade Math: 6.EE.1-6.EE.9: Expressions and Equations Instructional Aids" listed for sale at our site.

These resources could also be used at the beginning of seventh grade to review sixth grade concepts.

J and J

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**Units** This is where we do it all for you, and this is the way we teach it. Every lesson plan aligns very specifically to the sixth grade math common core standards. However, standards from various domains may be found in one unit. Downloading all thirteen of our math units will provide you with lesson plans and resources to take you through the entire school year, and will teach every standard found in the sixth grade common core math curriculum. Click below to view one of our units.

** 6th Grade Math Review Worksheets (MRW)** Daily review worksheets to help students prepare for the higher-level thinking problems embedded in the unit tests. Provides daily practice with error analysis and multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer. Click below to view one of our MRWs.

**6th Grade Math Common Core Free Homework Internet Links** Homework worksheet internet links aligned to every standard in the sixth grade math common core domain. This product does not include instructional or game links. These links can be used with your current lesson plans. Click below to view one of our Homework products.

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  1. I don't know where to find the free lesson 6EE2

  2. It is the last link on the post...
    I hope the lesson works well in your classroom...