Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Language Arts: "Multiple Meaning Words"

By Christina L
Grades 3-5


***Updated and Revised June 5, 2015***
Includes poster, matching game and 6 fun worksheets:
Multiple Meaning Words “Poster” to introduce multiple meaning words and/or to place in your classroom or literacy center.

Matching Game: Students will match 30 definitions with 30 multiple meaning words. This can be used in a literacy center or as fun game for the whole class. For more of a challenge, have the students come up with the answers on their own by only giving them the definitions. Answer Keys included.

Worksheet Part I: Circle the definition that correctly matches the multiple meaning word.

Worksheet Part II: Write a sentence for each multiple meaning word using the definition that you did not circle in Part I.

Worksheet-Write the Definition: After reading each multiple meaning word and the definition, write a second definition for the word.

Worksheet- Write the Word: After reading the definitions, write the multiple meaning word that is being defined. (There are two worksheets, one with a word bank and one without a word bank.)

Worksheet-Draw a Picture: Choose 3 multiple meaning words to illustrate. Make sure to include 2 pictures for each word.

• Word Challenge: Depending on the level of your students, they can complete this challenge individually, in pairs or even at home with parents.

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Christina L

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