Friday, July 24, 2015

Increasing the battery life and storage of your Smartphone

Increasing the battery life of your phone  

Having enough battery life and storage in my iPhone is always an issue.  It's a pain to be out and to be limited to what I can do because I'm worried about battery life or having to delete pictures because I'm running out of space.  I think you'll agree.  I love my phone but I hate it when I have to turn it off or not use it so that the battery doesn't die on me when I need it. Anyways, I was dealing with this issue and it really was an issue.  I use my phone in class for lessons, activities, etc. on top of its regular use so when it dies I'm in trouble.  I did some research online and came across this Mophie battery back.  I looked around for reviews and was happy with it.  The best reviews I saw came from a CNET video (which I've embedded below) and Amazon (below the video).  After a little thought I bought it and wow, fantastic.  It's so easy to use and the extra battery life really takes a load off your mind.  You simply won't run out even if you use it all day.  The space also helps as it frees up your phones space while at the same time, it automatically backs up your pictures and is very easy to off load, no harder than a USB.

So how do you access this extra battery power?  Click here for the remainder of the article.

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