Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Short and Long Vowels Game

Hello Friends!

Looking for a fun way for your students to practice their short vowels, long vowels, vowel pairs, and rhyming?

SPLAT is a fun and engaging game played similarly to slap jack. Students divide up the cards and take turns turning over their top card. If the cards rhyme they need to "SPLAT" their cards first, trying to get the cards for their pile.

*Directions for play
*CCSS covered
*short vowel word families:
~at, ap, an, ag
~et, en
~ip, it, ig, in
~op, ot, og
~un, ug, ut

*long vowel word families/vowel pairs:
~ate, ane, ape, ay, ain
~ea, ee, -e
~ite, ine, ime
~ope, oat, ote, one, ore
~ute, uit, une, oon

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