Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sarah Peterson

Check out my Plymouth Pilgrim and the First Thanksgiving Lesson Plans. 

Bundle Includes Everything You Need:
*Informational Text
*Comprehension Questions
*Classroom Activities
*Bingo Review Game
*Great for Subs!
This bundled product contains everything you need for your unit on the Plymouth Pilgrims.  What was it like to be a Plymouth Pilgrim?  Why did the Puritans choose to leave England and make their lives in America?  This lesson plan covers the background information leading up to the Mayflower voyage, life as a Pilgrim and the First Thanksgiving. 

This bundle includes my three Plymouth Pilgrims Products:

This bundle includes my three Plymouth Pilgrims Products:

Buy this BUNDLE and get all three products for only $12.00

This product is perfect for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops! The reading passages are great for CLOSE READING with any non-fiction graphic organizer.  THIS LESSON INCLUDES READING PASSAGES, COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS, TEACHERS KEY, CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES, BINGO CARDS AND CLUES, AND NON-FICTION GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS.

Informational Text
There are twelve reading passages of informational text about the topic: Plymouth Pilgrims.  The passages cover the following topics:
·       Anglicans and Separatists
·       The Separatists Separate
·       The Mayflower Voyage
·       The Mayflower Sets Sail
·       The Mayflower Compact
·       Well Known Pilgrims
·       William Bradford Arriving in the New World; Leader and Author
·       The First Winter
·       Moving to the Settlement
·       The Pilgrims Meet the Native Americans
·       Squanto and the Pilgrims
·       The First Thanksgiving A Recorded Event

This Bundle also includes BINGO Cards and Clues:
BINGO is a fun way to review new concepts and vocabulary words. The words in this BINGO set relate to the topic and  makes the perfect review for the pages of informational text that are included in this product. Great for use by Substitute Teachers!

36 Unique Bingo Cards (18 pages with two cards per sheet)
The Callers Tracking Sheet
24 Calling Cards Containing Words and Clues

The Following Bingo Words are Included:
1621; Anglican Church; Holland; Indentured Servant; Lumber, Fur and Fish; Massasoit; Mayflower; Mayflower Compact; Merchant Adventurers; Mourts Relation; Patuxet; Pilgrims; Providence; Puritans; Religious Freedom; Saints; Samoset; Separatists; Speedwell; Squanto; Strangers; Thanksgiving; Wampanoag; William Bradford

This BUNDLE includes the following CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES:
Ø Write a Classroom Compact
Ø Seek and Find: The Mayflower Compact
Ø Critical Thinking
Ø Job Application Plymouth Pilgrims
Ø Interpret a 16th Century Recipe
Ø Review Game: True or False
Ø Complete a Timeline!
Ø Plymouth Pilgrims Worksheet
Ø Write an Acrostic Poem
Ø Write a Note of Thanks
Ø Play Nine Mens Morris
Ø Links: A Paper Pilgrim Bonnet OR Pilgrim Hat:
Ø Add Some Tradition to Your Thanksgiving Feast
Ø Coloring Pages
Ø Examine the Mayflower Compact

I have also included Non-Fiction Graphic Organizers and a suggested reading list. 

Download the preview to get a feel for my writing style as well as the detailed description of the activities!

Grades 5-8 and Homeschool

 Happy Learning!

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