Friday, April 7, 2017

FREE MATH LESSON - “Basic Student Graph and Lesson Plan”

by Fun To Teach
Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Basic Student Graph and Lesson Plan
This download includes a one-page graph that you or your students can use. The range covers 0-145 with space to include the date and what type of test you are recording. This is a visual way for students to see their progress over time. Students can color as a bar graph or connect the dots for a line graph. Students can see how many they have mastered and how many more to go! Great to use with parents at conference time.

Math Games are engaging and enjoyable ways for children to explore math and master basic math facts. Math Games offer fun, hands on ways to practice multiplication in a setting that allows children to transfer skills they learn in class!

Math Games offer a hands-on, developmentally appropriate way to increase competency, comprehension and retention of the lessons you are teaching in class. Math Games are a perfect way to supplement your math lessons. Use Math Games whole class or at a Math Game center and watch your test scores soar.

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