Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Math Match Game - Solve Equations

by Hilda Ratliff

Grades 7-10         

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This game is a fun way for students to practice or review solving linear equations. Each student will be dealt five cards. They will solve the equations before the game begins and record their answers. If they have two cards with the same solution they will place the "set" aside. Play begins when a person asks another person if they have a card with a particular solution. If the second person has the card he/she gives the card to the person who asked for it. Then the first person may ask for another card. If the person does not have the card the first person must draw from the draw stack and his/her turn is ended. Each time a person receives a new card he/she must solve the equation on the new card.

Play continues as the players continue to MATCH two cards which have the same solution. When all cards have been matched, the player with the most sets wins the game!

Students will be engaged solving equations as they are trying to win the game!

The game cards include 1-step, 2-step and multi-step equations. There are equations with the variable on both sides as well as equations with fractions.

Please view the PREVIEW for rules of the game and additional game cards.

The resource includes:
1. Instructions to play the game.
2. 40 game cards.
3. Student recording sheet.
4. Answer key.

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