Monday, June 12, 2017

"Federigo's Falcon"

"Federigo's Falcon" is a great story for teaching irony and theme. This lesson pack comes with the following:

2 Days of Lesson Plans - Step-by-step instructions plus bell ringers for both days.

Story Questions Handout with Answer Key - 9 questions that make students think about the story plus 6 vocabulary terms.

Problem-Solving Activity - Students will take the question cut-outs and problem solve to construct a falcon. This is optional, but it is an awesome way to challenge students to think! (If you decide not to do this activity, the questions are also printed on a regular handout without the cut-outs.)

Limerick Fun - Instructions and example are included. 

Quiz in 2 Versions with Answer Key – (7 multiple choice, 5 true/false, 6 matching vocabulary, and 2 writing questions.) Quiz is EDITABLE.

"Federigo's Falcon" Short Story Included

This lesson will take approximately 2 class periods (90 minute blocks) with the quiz on the 3rd day. 

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