Thursday, March 15, 2018

American History - Colonial American Careers: Farmers

Grades 5-7
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NEW FOR 2018!  This product contains 13 one-page reading passages covering Colonial American Farmers.  A FUN WAY TO LEARN HISTORY THAT INCLUDES READING PASSAGES, ACTIVITIES, REVIEW GAME, WORKSHEETS AND TEACHER’S KEYS.

This product is perfect for SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, enrichment learning, home school or co-ops! The reading passages are great for CLOSE READING with any non-fiction graphic organizer (two included).

Historians maintain that ninety percent of American settlers earned their livelihood by farming.  Farmers changed the landscape of America and were responsible for the success of colonies. 


13 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

Ø Food and the First Colonists
Ø Indentured Servants: Immigrants and Convicts
Ø The Acre and the Job of the Surveyor
Ø Colonial Farmer’s Work: Clearing the Land
Ø Colonial Farmer’s Work: Cultivating and Sowing
Ø Maize and The Three Sisters
Ø Crops in the Colonies
Ø A Day in the Life of a Colonial Farmer
Ø The Farmer’s Wife
Ø The Colonial Farmers Children
Ø Animals on the Colonial Farm
Ø Pests and Pesticides – Crops and Gardens
Ø The Negative Impact of Colonial Farmers

This product includes the following classroom activities:

ü Complete Colonial Farmer Job Application
ü Complete Colonial Farmer Worksheet (Includes Teacher’s Key)
ü Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
ü Examine and Create an Indenture Contract 
ü Colonial American Livestock Math Activities (Includes Teacher’s Keys)
ü Respond to a Writing Prompt
ü Play Colonial Farmers Memory Game - Vocabulary Review
ü Read a Native American Tale:  The Three Sisters Myth
ü Plan a Colonial Farm
ü Map Colonial America – The Three Regions (Includes Teacher’s Key)
ü Illustrate a Comic Strip: The Life of a Colonial Farmer’s Children
ü Instructions for Churning Butter
ü Coloring Pages
ü Graphic Organizers
ü Book Suggestions

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Happy Learning!!

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