Sunday, March 11, 2018

FREE MISC. LESSON - “PHOTOMANIA Sampler: Photos, Videos, GIFS, …. Freebie”

by Class around the Corner
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade


“I spend more time trying to find the images to use, then, in making the lesson.” That is a complaint I share with many other teachers. 

Finding the right image or video for lessons or your TPT products is always a time consumer. Then when you find something you like, you discover that you don’t have the rights to use it. 

Now, Problem solved. PHOTOMANIA from FingerArts. This beautiful, full color, high quality package is designed for commercial, personal, and education use. They have been optimized for easy key word search.

Class around the Corner has teamed with FingerArts to offered thousands of the highest quality photos, videos, gifs, and clipart for teachers, professionals, and TPT sellers, who share the goal of visually stimulating students to gain the highest level of the learning experience. Click the Follow Me logo to be aware of our Photomania’s resources.

Here is a valuable TPT product sampler designed for TPT sellers. Energize your new products and lessons with these PHOTOMANIA samples. “If you catch the kids staring and concentrating on your lesson, they are learning.”

You can use these resources with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. A personal and commercial license is included. Be careful with photos and videos offered without this license. 

As an online video marketer, FingerArts have collected the rights to use and rights to sell thousands of high quality photos and videos. In addition, I have spent hundreds of hours finding and reformatting public domain photos and videos into the highest quality. This sampler is offered to you for personal and commercial use with one restriction. You cannot give away or sell this collection or any part of this collection.

Join the hi-tech classroom revolution with easy use for mobile tablets, class PCs, interactive whiteboard technology, SmartBoard activities or the document camera. They are easy to resize without loss of quality for your PowerPoint or PDF resources. These are perfect for use on Pinterest, Facebook, all the social media sites, and your own web site -- plus a million other things!

This PHOTOMANIA SAMPLER PACKAGE contains the following:
Highest quality photos – jpg format.
Powerful, short video clips used to grab attention, for transitions, and to stimulate engagement.
Gifs – short video segments that loop. Many teachers are building their own literary lessons using Gifs and literary task cards to reinforce “Thinking Out Loud” and clarifying their thoughts in their writing journals.
Cinemagraphs – a powerful way to isolate the action in a video. This will grab the students’ attention.

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