Tuesday, May 1, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “American and British Lit Word Searches”

9th - 12th Grade

This is a resource jam-packed with numerous fun word search activities helping to teach useful information such as novels’ and books’ authors, birth and death dates where available; title(s); and also plot sketches or explanations for why an author or work is important. For each activity there is an Answers Key. 

The resource is split into five handy sections: 1. American Literature (historical, patriotic, classical); 2. American Children’s Literature; 3. British And Other Non-American Literature (e.g. a some from Ireland, Canada, Australia); 4. Science Fiction Literature (mostly American, British, some Chinese); and 5. Black American And Some Other Black English Language Literature.

Listed in the American as well as the British Literature sections are numerous writers of works part of or dealing with fantasy, feminism, children’s literature, the western genre, detective stories, romance, etc.

The material can not only be used for teaching specific and general literature but for example for developing more fluent reading and comprehension. It is suitable for Literature Circles, Writing labs, discussion groups, etc. 

Insofar as timing goes the activities can be used anytime(s) at all including all during the school year and or specifically for Summer Review, Back To School, Back To School Review, Winter Reading, Spring Reading, End of the School Year, etc. It can really work wonders for drawing students’ attention back to learning away from spring fever, the depths of winter malaise, etc. The “secret” is simply (or not so simply) having activities that blend work with fun in a well-balance way, exactly what this does.

This resource is not only extremely handy and helpful for English Language Arts teachers, but also for ELA Subs; it is a practical but fun and professional tool for the ELA subject area that parents and administration also like to see. Another situation at which it will excel for is whenever there is a need for meaningful, powerfully educational fill-ins while shifting between units. 

So, to wrap up, you will love it that by your getting getting this powerful tool your students can be more happily learning at the hive of knowledge, i.e. in your classroom. This will also contribute toward good overall behavioral management since a happy student is a busily, positively learning student, and as the old saying goes: if there isn’t a little fun to the intended learning then it doesn’t get learned or not very well (or as some have put it: “if it ain’t any fun it won’t get learned!”)


J. Mason Emerson

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